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When I read the comments on the Neonate web site I realized there were many "older" people who had Neonates or realistic dolls that they treated like real children. I realized that all of them probably felt the way I did...that I was the only one who felt this way. I wished there was a way for all of us to communicate together. So on October 15th, 2002 I created this group on Yahoo Groups. But I couldn't find people to join and the Neonates company would not post the link to my group. They wanted us to meet in the Clubhouse (on the company's web site), but every time I went in no one was there. I also knew that only Electronic Neonates members had access to the Clubhouse and I wanted to talk to those who even had the Traditional ones.

When Neonates announced they were going to be closing on February 7th, 2003, I tried again and this time they posted my link! Within weeks after the link was posted my group grew to 28 members, with one of the first ones to join being on January 31, 2003! I ran many Yahoo Groups but the Neonate group has been the most active one, thus I closed all other groups. People chat daily, are making friends and sharing pictures.

The group has now moved over to Facebook

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