You Know You’re Addicted to Dolls When…

You want to bring a photo album of pictures of your dolls with you everywhere to show them off

Your family Christmas photo is of your babies!

When you talk about dollies all the time

When you spend more on an outfit for them, then yourself

When all you can think of is finding that next great baby outfit for the right price or maybe outrageous price lol.

One doll fan writes...When I've become "untypically" sneaky, running up the credit cards and hiding the bills and the new little "family". (Which is rather hard to hide, actually). When I get "busted" but get "defensive" about my "addiction", like...well, like an addict. I tell hubby, well, at least it's not a "dangerous" addiction (except for the budget).
I looked up "signs of addiction". Some of them fit...
excessive talkativeness (on the forums)
unexplained weight gain. (from sitting at the computer)
Changes in friends: new hangouts (hanging' with the doll crowd)
loss of interest in things that were important before (housework)
The “I Don’t Care” attitude ("I don't care"...if it's taking over the house)
Defensiveness, temper tantrums, resentful behavior (don't tell me not to buy more!)
Unexplained moodiness. Unexplained irritability. (during "dolly lockdown")
Unexplained nervousness (watching for the UPS truck, hoping it comes before hubby)
bizarre behavior (well, WE don't think it's bizarre)
Unexplained silliness or giddiness. (the UPS truck arrived!)
Excessive need for privacy; keeps door locked or closed, won't let people in. (close the doll room door!)
Secretive or suspicious behavior. Chronic dishonesty (hide the credit card bill!)
Unexplained need for money. Can't explain where money goes (heck, I just don't WANT to explain)
Possession of paraphernalia. (baby bassinettes, pacis, toys...).

When you take 'babies' to Dunkin’ Donuts every time you go and if you don't have one, the customers ask if the babies are home sleeping.

The dolls have the second largest bedroom in the house, while the kids have the smallest.

I keep telling my husband I'm not the only one.

When you buy Xmas and birthday gifts for your dolls. LOL