Baby Vacation

Two of our members, Karly and Jessi, had an opportunity to get together for a vacation and they had their babies with them! The turn out was probably the most exciting event in our group to date! The pictures and story of their vacation stirred a large and lengthy and on going conversation of fun places members would like to take their babies and it also spawned the idea of a meet-up next summer with various group members. Here is their story along with a link to view their pictures!

First, we were in Ocean City, MD in a condo on the beach and we only had Mckenna and Ally at first (the other 2 babies were still in PA.) We took them to all of the restaurants and lots of stores and Walmart and to the Boardwalk of course! We took the girls on lots of carnival rides at the boardwalk and we bought them new sunglasses at a shop there. After one week on the beach we drove back to Pennsylvania with the two girls ON. And then we hung out at Jess's house in PA for awhile before I headed back home :) We had the babies on EVERY night while at the beach and we played with all FOUR of them at the same time back at the house. It was awesome! 2 rc2's and 2 rc1's make for a lot of fun.

Most people that saw us either took a double-take lol - or they walked by several times to get a good look. We loved taking them out! A group of 3 couples at the boardwalk stopped us and we demonstrated a feed because the girls got hungry right about then. We only had one person say something - and he was very drunk LOL.

Jess's mom thought that since we were so involved with them that Mckenna was the only thing that I do in my life! Can you believe that? I tried to explain that me and Jess became friends because of the babies and so that of course they would be the one thing that we would concentrate on the most.

Ocean City was beautiful and our condo was nice. Jess and her parents are really nice and we all got a nice tan.

We went to a restaurant on the boardwalk with the girls, we took them twice altogether, once just to walk around and get the sunglasses and eat, and then second to take the girls on all of the rides and stuff! We went on the ferris wheel, the spinning apples, and the carousel. We took them on all of the baby rides lol! About 7 hours we had them on at the boardwalk. We used my double umbrella stroller because it's really lightweight and capable of holding the girls' diaper bag.

At the beach we took them to Wa-lmart and we also walked down to the party store with Mckenna in the carrier. We also took both girls to dinner at an Italian restaurant on schedule 5!!!! And they were good the whole hour; it was weird lol.

We only took the girls down to the beach for pictures because we didn't want sand to get into them and we had both girls wrapped in the towels to keep the sea-salt and sand away from their parts!

We bought the pacis and the holders at Wal-mart and we made them magnetic at the condo. We made up making some formula and made fresh bottles for the babies all week.

We had the babies on for just about every minute of the first week even at night!! I brought both of my bassinettes with me.

Mckenna is the Lt. AA female RC2 and Allison (Ally) is a Ai female RC2. Carter is the Caucasian boy and Madison is the caucasian girl- they are both rc1s

We only bought the sunglasses- the hats were like 7.00 a piece so we only got the one thing for them lol

The swimsuits are mine. I have 3 and I also have a little boy swimsuit lol- but we didn't get to take many pics at Jesse's house because I had to leave early (Family thing) and Shawn was sick at home.

Once we got back to PA, we took all 4 babies in 2 double strollers (all of them on) and went to babies r us and put the babies in the crib and swings and all that stuff lol.

We have TONS of baby equipment! LOL My car was PACKED! I brought both bassinettes (only the one base though), my full sized graco swing, my boppies, two bouncers, a johnny jump-up, Kenna in her carseat, all of her clothes (that's a ton), 3 of my snuglis (gave one to Jessica) All of my head supports, I had gone garage saling for Jess over the summer and had found her a whole crib set from Babies R Us for 35.00 and I brought that with me plus a bunch of clothes for her too. I had lots of blankets and bottle making supplies.

It was a RIOT getting all 3 carseats into my backseat!!!!! LOL All the babies at one time in the seats- they made it a lot of work to go to Babies R Us :P

We don't really think of ourselves as brave...we really want people to notice and know about them, because we feel like it might help some teen down the road. Mostly taking them out is an adventure and a lot of fun! Plus when there is two of us it makes it more of a collaboration lol. We do so love all our babies very much and now that the babies have been well acquainted we love ALL FOUR of each others babies equally; auntie=mommy when it comes to us!

We had a really great time and thank you for all of the compliments!!!

It was the best idea ever for me and Jess to get the babies together, we live about 5 hrs away from each other.

Enjoy the pics!

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