Make Your Own Bassinette

Carol told me about a cut baby bed that you or someone can make if they can sew and have a machine is to use a laundry basket. It must be long enough on the inside for the baby it is intended for. Take some Renolds freezer paper or you can use newspaper. Lay a sheet down in the bottom of the basket and press around the edges until it forms the shape of the inside of the bottom of the basket. Take a pencil and draw on the crease all the way around until you have a pattern piece. Cut it out. Then measure the depth and the diameter around the inside walls of the basket. Cut either one long strip the full length or 4 pieces, two ends and two sides. Make sure the fabric is double and do the same for the bottom piece, which is the mattress pad and also cut some batting slightly smaller that the pieces (allow seem allowance). Then it will resemble a mattress for the bottom and bumper pad like you use in a real crib.

Make some ties for the bumper pad and slip the ties through the slot openings on the sides of the basket and tie bows on the top edge of the basket and it holds the bumper pad in place. That is why the laundry basket cannot have solid sidewalls it must have slots or square openings on all sides. You can make a pillow if desired and matching blanket. I have done these for my cloth dolls as gifts and they turn out real cute. You can color coordinate it with a room and match the color of the basket with your choice fabric.