Make Your Own Bassinette With Ease...

Carol also gave me another way you can make the bed that is less time consuming and less expensive. You can use any laundry basket whether it has openings on the side or not.

You have to cut a bottom piece as I said before and one long strip to go around the inside diameter of the basket 1 `/2 to 2 times the length. Make sure that it is about 2-3 inches deeper than the basket. Sew the two ends together so you have a big circle. Then gather one edge and make it fit the bottom piece then sew the bottom and the gathered piece together. One the other edge you make a tunnel for elastic. After you finish that take a piece of elastic and wrap it around the basket up near the rims underside and cut it to fit snugly but not so tight that it can't stretch over the top edge of the basket. Then pin the elastic so it doesn't get away from you and enter the other end with a safety pin attached to the end of the elastic and string it through the tunnel that you have prepared. After it is all the way through sew the two ends together flat with one end laying on top of the other and sew across it. Now lay the bottom in the basket and bring the elastic edge over the edge of the basket and push it up under the curled edge of the basket. Make a mattress as I had mentioned in the previous page.

Lay the mattress on top of the fabric base and make a pillow if desired and blanket and you have a basket bassinette. Tada!!! Aren't we talented or what? HA!

Thanks Carol for your help! :)