How often do you bathe a Neonates® doll? HOW do you bathe a Neonates® doll?

Daily baths are recommended for real babies. Newborns just home from the hospital are often given a sponge bath rather than a tub bath.

For Neonates® dolls, we suggest sponge baths. The electronic Neonates® should NEVER be placed in a tub of water as it may damage the electronics. Weighted traditional neonates® should also avoid tub baths. The water is absorbed by the weight bag inside the doll. Eventually this may lead to very unpleasant smells!

The traditional Neonates® that are not weighted can be used in a tub, but please realize that they will get water inside through the shoulder and hip areas. Allow time for the doll to drain the water out if you put it in a tub.

If you get any ink marks or anything go out and buy Oxy 5 acne cream. Put it on the spot and leave it on. For me I would leave it on for 24 hours then wash it off with mild soap and see if the mark was gone. The mark faded each time and after about a week or so of doing this the mark was gone. I would suggest putting the cream on the spot and leaving it on for two or 3 days (depending on how bad the mark is) and then wash it off with mild soap. If it's not gone yet, put the cream back on and leave again. Continue this until it's gone. Once the mark is gone, an ingredient in the cream stays in the vinyl and prevents it from getting dyed in that same spot again! :)

New Cleaning Method:

Get a bowl and put a fair amount of water in it then pour baby oil (enough in there that it doesn't totally cover the top). When you're ready to scrub, use a nail brush and be sure you shake the brush in there real good to get the mixture. I think it works because the water and oil bead up and pull the dirt up with it. Wipe it down with a cloth (I use old socks) You'll see the dirt on the cloth...the dirt sits between the oil and water once it sets. I haven't measured anything though... I was really just testing and accidentally came upon it. Be generous with the amounts however, you never really know how much you need until you've wiped them down a few times. Just make sure the wipes are white when you're done. Then just use baby oil and generously coat the baby and let them set wrapped in a towel like a wet baby for a few minutes and give them a brisk dry off.

Just remember...don't be too liberal with the oil as it may slip in to the electronics.

For pictures and step by step guide...CLICK HERE