Car Seats/Carrier

Did you know that there are many more car seats used wrong than right? Most people do not install car seats correctly-especially for tiny babies. Not all car seats are alike. It's important to read all the instructions when you get a new car seat to be sure you use it correctly. Children under one year ride in infant car seats. Here are some basic tips about car seats for infants:

Infant car seats face the REAR of the car, not the front.

The seat should be fastened securely and not move more than one inch. Use the seat belt in the car to hold the seat in place.

All car seats belong in the back seat, not the front. Never place a car seat where there is an airbag. If the airbag opens, the force of it can hurt the baby, not protect it.

In cold weather, fasten the baby into the car seat and then put a blanket over the baby and car seat. Do not put the blanket under the car seat straps.

Do not give the baby anything sharp to play with while riding. If the car stops quickly, the baby could get hurt.