About The Neonates' Clothes

The caps and gowns worn by the traditional neonates® are for newborns. The cap helps keep an infant warm. Babies lose body heat quickly. A cap helps them maintain an even body temperature and keeps drafts away.

The gown has many features for newborns. It snaps in the front, not the back. Since infants spend most of their time on their backs, snaps in the back might be uncomfortable.

The sleeves can be turned to cover the infant's hands. This keeps the infant from scratching his or her face.

The bottom of the gown makes it easy to change the infant's diaper. The diaper gets changed a lot!

The caps and gowns come in 4 different colours...

- Blue for Boys.
- Pink for Girls.
- Green for Stork Chosen.
- Yellow as an extra choice.

The electronic neonates® wear the colorblock clothing. The girls wear red, the boys wear blue, and if the stork has chosen, the clothing is green.

The sleepers are one-piece and the style would be comfortable for a real infant. There are snaps on the shoulder for ease in getting it over the head. The crotch has snaps to make changing diapers easier.

The matching hat and socks would help a real infant keep an even body temperature. The sleepers for neonates® are 100% cotton and made in the USA.

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