See What Collectors Are Saying About Neonates

From: Melissa
On September 12, 2002 I received a beautiful baby boy named Andrew Michael. He is a traditional weighted and he is absolutely precious. I fell in love with him the second I opened the box and saw his little face. Thank you so much for making these wonderful babies. They are worth every penny.

From: Manda
Hi my name is Manda and I know I'm 19 but I love to collect all different kinds of dolls since I was about 6 years old. Today (April 11th, 2002), I got a baby boy that my dad and step-mom got me as a late X-Mas gift. He's the original type and very much weighted. I named my little one, Trevan Levi after the BTIO I had in March. I Love him soooooooooooooo much. I plan to be getting a precious little girl soon. Thanks sooooooooooo much for these precious babies.

From: Melinda
My husband bought me one of the electronic little girls, which I named Cassie Ann for Christmas. I fell in love with her the minute I opened the box. My kids think she is the greatest thing in the world. They always want me to turn her on. My husband keep teasing me saying she needed a brother well 1 month ago she got a brother. He is the traditional kind but I love him just as much. His name is Ryan Joseph. I'm not sure if the family is complete yet but for now we are. Thanks Selu Spirit for great dolls (baby)

From: Janet W
I just received my little girl yesterday (she is the original type) and she is just beautiful. I am now ordering one that is electronic. I am soo pleased with the little girl I got from you. She looks so real. Her eyes and eyelashes couldn't be any more real looking. I am looking forward to getting her sister now. Thanks again for such a beautiful baby.