Standard Baby Think It Over (Generation 3)

This was the very first model of the original Baby Think It Over that has a box that comes out of it's back. The main difference between the G3 and G4 is the appearance of the baby. The G3's right hand is fully open and the faces are slightly different as well. Operation of the baby is the same as the G4...read below to learn about the operation of the G4.

View the front of the G3

View the back of the G3

Standard Baby Think It Over (Generation 4)

The original Baby Think It Over has a box that comes out of it's back. The batteries are put in the box and you can select a schedule of easy, medium or hard for the baby. The box then goes back in the baby to start the simulation. When the baby cries you must hold a key in the baby's back. The baby will stop crying while the key is in it's back. The length of time needed to hold the key in the back varies depending on how much care the baby needs. When it's done, it will cry again while the key is in. The good thing about this model is that it's easy to operate and is normally cheap on ebay. The downside to these babies is that the key hurts your fingers to hold it for so long and the cry is VERY loud and annoying and it's back is very flat which makes holding it uncomfortable. Also, if you don't put the key in it within 2 minutes it's an automatic neglect. These models are no longer made but are found on ebay quite often.

View the G4 and the box out of the back

View the G4 back

View the G4 the box in it's back

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Realistic Head Support Baby (Generation 5)

This doll is exactly like the standard only you have to support the baby's head and it coos when it's done with the key. Head does not turn side to side.

Original Real Care Baby

The first real care baby made was far more advanced than the original btio. It was more realistic. There is no box to take in and out. Just open the back and put in the batteries. It uses a controller to set up it's schedule. When the baby cries you touch a round metal ID into a circle in the baby's back and it beeps indicating that you have picked it up and are going to tend to it. Once you have done that, you must determine what the baby needs. As time goes on you can actually tell a difference in the cries to tell what it wants. You will either need to change the diaper, feed the baby a bottle, rock the baby or burp it and sometimes the baby is just fussy and you can't do anything about it. You also need to support the baby's head because if it drops back the baby screams and cries and you need to calm the baby by rocking. The baby tells if you've put a new diaper because one diaper has a white square and one has a blue square. The good thing about this baby is that it's a lot more realistic than the original model in the fact you have to tend to it with realistic actions. The downside to this model is that the head can't turn side to side, the back is very flat, and it's cry is quite loud. Also, the Velcro on the inside of the diaper that attaches it to the baby is a pain and ruins the diapers a bit. These models are no longer made but are found on ebay sometimes.

View a close up of the RC1 front

View a close up of the RC1 back

View the RC1 battery pack

View the RC1 ID tag

Real Care Baby 2

The Real Care Baby 2 is the most latest model. This is by far the most advanced simulator. It does everything the real care 1 does but in a better and more advanced way. For starters, the back is no longer flat, it is now contoured like a real back which makes for more comfortable holding. The ID only needs to be waved in front of the baby's chest or back to register that you are about to tend to it. The diapers now have a yellow and green square on them. The diapers no longer have Velcro on them. The head still needs support but also moves side to side. The cry is not as loud. It starts quiet and gradually gets louder if you don't tend to it. Not only does it make the sucking sounds, cooing sounds, coughs, burps, and cries, but it now also makes breathing sounds when it's sleeping. I can't think of any downside to this model. The company now also offers a Real Care 2+. This is the same baby as a Real Care 2 but it's rechargeable.

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View the RC2 back

View the RC2+ front

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Ready or Not Tot

The Ready or Not Tot, is made by another company. It's a very cute baby who is also weighted like the btios, but it's head is always weighted and it almost seems heavier. When it cries you need to determine if it needs a bottle, diaper change, burping, or rocking. You then find the key with the action written on it, example, "Diaper". You insert that key and if you're right the baby coos.

View the back of a Ready or Not Tot

View the box of a Ready or Not Tot

View the box in the back of a Ready or Not Tot

View the teacher keys for a Ready or Not Tot

View a photo of a Ready or Not Tot using the care keys

Note that all the models have one thing in common. They all cry if placed on their tummy. This is to prevent SIDS. However, since RC2s "sleep", if they are awake (meaning no breathing sounds), they can be on their tummy.