About The Dolls

There are two types of Neonates® dolls. Traditional neonates are dolls as they have always been made. They inspire imagination. They don't cry. They don't make sounds. They require no batteries. Traditional neonates can be with or without the weight of a real infant. For a very young child who cannot lift a real baby, the weighted Neonates® are too heavy. An unweighted doll is better. The size alone will be enough for a small child to learn to handle. All neonates are 21 inches. The traditional weighted dolls feel like 7-8 pounds.

View the front of the Traditional Neonate

View the back of the Traditional Neonate

The electronic Neonates® have electronics and do many things. The electronic neonates are modeled after the Baby Think It Over® infant simulators. They cry for care and respond with appropriate sounds like a burp, a coo, or feeding sounds for the bottle. All electronic Neonates® are weighted to feel like an 8-10 pound infant. Production of the electronic dolls stopped in November, 2002.

View the front of the Electronic Neonate

View a close up of the speaker on an Electronic Neonate

View the back of the Electronic Neonate

View a close up of the diaper sensor and off/on switch

View a close up of the battery door/compartment

Traditional Neonates® are made with and without the added weight that makes them feel like a 7-8 lb. newborn baby. You choose the gender and the ethnicity. They wear traditional layette clothing and you have your choice of pastel colors for the clothing.

The electronic Neonates® wear clothing that is bright and colorful. They wear the vibrant Neonates® colors. The girls are dressed in red, the boys in blue, and the Stork-chosen neonates® wear green.

With each electronic Neonates® doll you receive two bottles, two diapers, a sleeper outfit with matching hat and socks, operating instructions, a hospital wristband, a hangtag, storage box, and batteries!

The milk bottle is for feeding, the water bottle for curing the hiccups.

The doll wears one diaper and the other is included. One diaper has a blue square. One has a white square. When a cry tells you it is time for a diaper change you must put the other diaper on. It can tell them apart!

The hangtag has a place to fill in the information for TO, FROM, and DATE. This is great if it is a gift.

Electronic neonates® use 4 'C' batteries. Four are included to get you started. They last for a long time because the doll has an automatic shutoff feature. If you forget to turn it off, it turns itself off to keep from running the batteries down.

There is one distinctive difference in the look of the infant simulators and neonates dolls. Eyebrows and eyelashes! All neonates have hand-painted eyebrows and hand-glued eyelashes. Because they are done by hand, each doll seems to have its own personality.