Doll Show

Amy and I went to Cambridge to a doll show. It was my first time at one and it was so much fun. Before we left to go to it Amy helped me out by putting eyelashes, eyebrows and nails on Vada and touching up Hayley's faded lips. They both turned out beautifully! Hayley is now ready to sell *sniff* and Vada will be the new Hayley. ;)

We took both of them and Amy's sculpt Daisy to the show. Amy had her Daisy in her snugli. I had Vada in a snugli and Hayley in the stroller. We got quite a few reactions. It was fun.

Afterwards we went back to Amy's and we removed the factory paint from Vada's lips and re-did them in a more natural colour. She looks great!

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