Make Your Own Electronic Neonate Bottle

Did you know that a magnet held up to an electronic neonate's mouth makes drinking sounds? Well it does. This means we can make our own bottles for electronic Neonates!

Take a small circular earth magnet or strong magnet. Buy a bottle and drop the magnet into the nipple and use a pencil to push the magnet into the nipple with the top facing towards the tip of the nipple. Then use E6000 glue or Aquarium sealant and fill the nipple with the glue! Let it dry completely.

That way if you've lost the neonate bottle or just wanted one to match the outfit such a pooh bear then you can make one.

The neonates bottles were very expensive, and most bottles are $1 to $3 at the store.

Fill the bottle with fake formula or juice.

Even if you do not have electronic babies you can make these cute bottles without the strong magnet! Just seal the nipple to make sure the liquid does not leak out. They work too! Very good!

You can find the magnets at craft stores for about $3 they are the silver ones. Check on the doll first to make sure the magnets will work.

You can also do the same thing with Playtex bottles that have liners. Just fill the bag with the same mixture and use glue in the nipple.

The magnets are NEODYMIUM SUPER MAGNETS found at: WWW.MAGNETSOURCE.COM. Just use hot glue to glue the magnet in place in the nipple. :)

Tammy says, "I tried them and they work great! Have fun making them, it'll save you lots of money!"