Electronic Neonate Tips

Here are some of my own tips for electronic neonates...I figured them out as I went along.

1) I have found that my electronic neonate often gets "stuck" in the same pattern in PLAY mode. When you turn the Neonate on in play mode it should request something different each time. This wasn't the case with mine. Mine would always go in this order: bottle, burp, change, rocking. So I figured out a way to get them unstuck. If your Neonate tends to do this...first turn it on in SHOW mode and it should coo to say it's on. After it coos, turn it off and turn it on in PLAY mode. It doesn't always work, but most of the time it will start with something new each time.

2) If you have trouble burping your Neonate in an upright position (over your shoulder), don't worry. I could only burp my Neonate with her cradled in my arms. But after continuing to try burping her upright, I figured out the trick to it. It's all about position. The baby cannot be straight up. Bend the baby's legs a bit so that when you lean him/her on your shoulder, he/she is slightly arched forward. Then pat the baby's back and you may have to gently sway back and forth while patting. The neonate should then burp.

3) Want extra diapers or bottles for your Neonate? Buy them from BTIO. RC1 babies and electronic Neonates can use the same items. :)

4) Want your Neonates to request night-time feedings or changing? Set your alarm clock and when it goes off turn on your baby in PLAY mode and care for it. :) It's the best we can think of when electronic neonates are so limited in their schedules.

5) Is your RealCare® Baby or Electronic Neonate frequently fussy? Are you unable to console her? The hook and loop fastener (Velcro) on the diaper sensor area may have slipped out of place on Baby's back. If the hook and loop (velcro) fastener is peeling off Baby, or slips below the diaper sensor area, you can replace it without sending your Baby in for repair. You can buy hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners at discount stores, hardware stores, or fabric stores. Make sure the hook and loop (Velcro) fastener has peel-off adhesive and cut it to the correct size. Clean the diaper sensor area with a cleansing wipe, dry, and attach the new hook and loop fastener to Baby's back.

6) Having trouble using the feeding pin to simulate breastfeeding with your baby? For the longest time, when I'd try it she would drink a bit and then cry. I realized I have Hayley in the wrong position. So I tried it the other day and it worked! :D Hayley didn't cry at all.
When using the feeding pin make sure they aren't totally on their side because then they will cry. You have to have them mainly on their back but slightly turned to the side. It's tricky at first but once you get it, it's smooth sailing!