Make Your Own Feeding Pin

**Thanks to Tammy for this Tip!**

The feeding pin could easily be made. Itís just a huge square magnet inside the rectangle. The clip is at the top that pins to your self, and there is Velcro to fold it in half to make a square. You fold it down when nursing that way itís like moving your bra I believe. The magnet is at the bottom half of the rectangle. It is made of a type of beige leather or a plastic type of material. The stripes Red, Blue, and Green are just ribbon the thin kind. So it would be very easy to make. The pin you clip to yourself is like a work pin that pins to your shirt. Length is about 4inches and width is 2 inches. Fold it in half and sew in middle (half mark) so the big magnet does not slide out. The upper half has nothing inside it. Hope this helped!

It has to be a strong magnet! I would try the magnet to her mouth first before making the feeding pin. I would hate for anyone to go through all the trouble of making it and it not to work. When trying the magnet, put the magnet in the cloth you will cover it too. Hope these little tips have been working. It will save you a lot of money to make one, instead of buying one if find it!

Tammy couldn't find a square magnet so she has bought a big round one.

See the pictures below for reference!

Feeding Pin - View #1

Feeding Pin - View #2