Heather's Babies Make A Difference!

I once read an article in a magazine about bringing realistic babies to people in nursing homes. The dolls they used in the nursing home that the article mentioned were Lee Middletons, I think it was before Neonates were made, but a lot of the quotes from the residents of the nursing home were things like, "It's been so long since I've had a baby to hold." and the workers said it made a lot of difference in a lot of the people. They had so many babies for the whole nursing home and each week a different person gets a baby to take care of. They even have baby showers for the new parents. Shortly after reading that article my Grandma moved to a nursing home so I thought I'd try bringing in my babies for the people there to hold and cuddle and they just loved it. I'd love for everyone to see the look of happiness on the faces of these people when they get a baby to hold. I have suggested that maybe the nursing home try to buy some babies but they just don't have the money. I tried to get a fund raiser going but it turns out they needed the money for an expansion project :( Well if I win the lottery I'll buy everyone at Twin Lakes Terrace Nursing home their very own baby!