Real Care BTIO Tip

For those with a Real Care BTIO you may think your BTIO can't wear sleeprs because you have to put the ID bracelet in the back...this is not true. Nicole had a very nifty tip that she uses on her BTIO. She just pins the ID in the clothes the BTIO is wearing and then when he cries you find it in his shirt and slide it into place. :) Thanks Nicole!


For Real Care BTIO owners. I know that the IDs can be a pain in the butt. Like when you want a really cute outfit on them, but can't because when it needs tending too you have to get the key in. As you may already know that the premee onzies fit BTIOs and Neonates the best. They are tight on them, like a onzie should be. Pin the ID with a safty pin in the onzie. This works great. You will be able to dress your baby in anything you want to. All you have to do when he/she cries is slide the ID into place. It also keeps you from losing it.