You have a very special electronic neonates® doll!

These are the types of care your doll needs:

Head Support
Always support the head just as you would with a real infant.  If you don't support the head properly, the doll cries.

Gentle Handling
If you are not gentle, your doll is hurt and cries.

Babies should sleep on their backs.  Your doll can only be left on it's tummy for a short time.  It cries to be placed on its back.  The doll never wants to be on it's head!

The milk bottle is for feeding.  Hold it to the doll's mouth to hear the feeding sounds.  You are done when you hear the coo.  (In PLAY setting)

Burping is needed after some feeding times.  Gently pat the doll's back until you hear the burp!

The water bottle cures the hiccups.  The doll needs only a sip, not a lot.

Gently rock the doll from side to side or up and down.  Sometimes you need to change the way you are rocking it.  If you are rocking and it starts to cry again, try a different way.  The doll coos at the end.

Diaper Change
Electronic neonates
® have two kinds of diapers.  Some have a white square and some have a blue square.  If it is time for a diaper change, take the diaper off and put on one of the other kind.  Crying stops when the diaper is removed.  The doll coos when the other diaper is put on.

Cough -
a cough once in a while does not require any special type of care.
Coo -
just to let you know he or she is awake!
Sleep -
The doll takes short naps sometimes.  It makes sounds in its sleep.  It also goes to sleep if it has not been handled for a while.  After a short sleep it turns itself off to save on batteries.

Getting Started

PLAY - A coo tells you the setting has started.&  In this setting you must determine what the doll wants.  It cries when it wants care.  As you practice, you learn to tell the cries apart.  The cry is different for each type of care.

OFF - When the switch is in the OFF position, tthe doll in not using any battery power.  It automatically turns off when it senses no movement for 20 minutes.  It does not change the position of the switch.  Even though the switch is not in the OFF position, the doll may be turned off from lack of play.

SHOW - A coo tells you the setting has started.&  This setting allows you to tell the doll what to do.  You can hold the bottle to its mouth and it makes feeding sounds.  You may feed it for as few or as many minutes as you want.  After feeding, you can burp it.  When you change the diaper, the doll coos to thank you.

About your electronic neonates® doll

It has different cries for each type of activity.  Some cries are more urgent than others.  Can you tell them apart?

Electronic neonates® dolls are very much like real infants.  They are the same size and weight as real newborns.  They require head support just as real babies do.  There are many things about babies that you can learn from your doll.  You can practice to care for a real infant.  Some of the things you can learn are:

Questions and Answers

Q.  I set it down and waited for it cry.  It made some sounds, but never cried.  What happened?
A. It is in the SHOW setting.  Change it to PLAY.

Q. I turned it on, but it doesn't do anything - not even coo at first.
A.  If it didn't coo when you turned it on, the batteries are not in right OR the switch was not pushed all the way in for the setting you want.  Try the switch first, then check the batteries.

Q.  I can't tell the cries apart.  I don't know what to do.
A.  Keep trying - you will learn.  The cries are meant to be similar, but each one is a little different.  Real parents do not learn to tell what their infants want right away.  It takes practice.

Q.  I accidentally let the head fall back and it cried a lot, then it quit and started again.
A.  The first cries that gradually soften and quit were because of the head support.  Once it stopped, what reason for the crying was done.  When it started again, it wanted some type of care.

Q.  Why didn't it coo after I took care of it?
A.  If the head isn't held right or you are too rough with it, it does not coo to thank you.  You need to do a good job to get a coo.

Safety Suggestions

For safe battery handling,
   Do not mix new and used batteries
    Do not mix types of batteries (alkaline, standard carbon-zinc, or rechargeable nickel-cadmium)
    Do not let battery posts touch while in storage
    Do not leave in the toy for prolonged periods of no use
    Do not insert backwards
    Do not insert forcefully
    Do not store in direct sunlight or excessive heat
    Do not dispose of in fire

For best care of the doll:
    Do not immerse in water (give sponge baths instead!)
    Keep newsprint, pens, markers, and new, unwashed clothing away from contact with the vinyl.  These leave stains that can not be removed.