See What "Kids" Have To Say About Neonates

From: Jessyca, 17
HEY Everyone!! I wanted to write again, to let you know that I am so close to having a neonate now. I know all the electronic ones are gone which is really sad because I thought those were the top sellers you know? I wish that the BTIO would sell theirs to us older kids. That would be exciting. Anyways, I have saved enough by this coming Friday or maybe another week to get my little boy. :0) He will be traditional. Which is what I wanted anyways, and his name will be Malcom Hugh Eugene. :0) I am so excited! I can't wait! I look at all these people around here with real babies and I think, " sweet, I want one of my own." I know though that I can't support one financially so I will have to settle for the precious Neonates also :0) Well, Good luck to all you parents out there, I will let you know when Malcom arrives, and let you know how much of a handful he is ;0) Take Care. God Bless

From: Ashley, 15
My name is Ashley and I'm 15. Well Iíll be 15 in about 8 days. I took a class where you had to take care of a baby for a weekend and I feel in love. I got a girl doll. I loved her to death. But I had to give her back. But after that Iíve always wanted one of these. I saw the Baby Think It Over web site and I wanted one so bad. They directed me to the Neonates web site. And I just fell in love. I don't have one yet. But I asked my mom to get me one for my birthday. I think she did. Well I HOPE AND PRAY she did. I want an African American light skinned little boy. I'm going to name him Trevon and I don't know what middle name yet.

From: Mari Michelle 17, Norway **Member of the Neonate and Baby Think It Over Club**
I've had my Caucasian electronic neonate for a little over a year, and I still have so much fun with her. My baby girl is called Nadine Alicia, and she's the most beautiful doll I have.
To all of you having trouble convincing your parents that a Neonate is a good buy; I know what it's like. My dad didn't care, but my mom didn't think I should use so much money on a toy since I was 17. And so did my sister. But now, they all love Nadine! And she's so much more than "just a toy" to me. I want to get in touch with other parents of Neonates or people who are planning to get one (or just doll lovers:)). I've been sending e-mails with one of the other girls at the site, and it's so much fun! But, you can never have too many friends:) Take good care of your babies everyone! And thanks to Selu Spirit, once again, for making them!

From: Annie, 11
Hi! My name is Annie, I live in Florida & I have wanted a Neonates doll for a year. I did have some of the money saved up but I spent it (money burns a hole in my pocket) Well I have made up my mind that the only thing I want for Christmas is a Neonates doll. I don't know if I want a boy or a girl (I think I want a boy) I am also not sure what type I want. I will post another message when I get my doll.

From: Caroline, 12
Hello! My name is Caroline. My best friend, Kaitlin, has an electronic boy and he is soooo cute that I really want one! I don't have one yet, though. I would want a stork-chosen Caucasian. I hope I can get one soon and I will let you know when I do!!!!

From: Erin, 15
Hey! I'm in the 9th grade and I'm 15. I found this site when I took home a baby from child development class. It wasn't exactly a Baby-Think-It-Over doll, but I loved her. I really want one of these dolls. My parents said no! But I'm still working on them. I'm REALLY hoping and praying that I can get one. But they're REALLY expensive, but I'm thinking. If I do get one I'm going to get a Caucasian girl and name her Lisa Sloane. Lisa after my mother and I'll call her Sloane because that was the doll's name and I love that name for a girl. I want to thank Selu Spirit soooooo much for giving girls this chance to be able to be moms, yet not be moms, and be able to have such life like dolls. I will write back if I get one. Thanks again! Erin

From: Jenna,
Hi my name is Jenna and I first got my Neonate baby girl last year for Christmas. But before I got her I was doing the program Baby Think It Over at my school. I loved doing the program and wanted one of the dolls as my own. Then I found out about Neonates. I learned that I could get one for not that much money as the real doll. I was really exited and nervous about getting one because I didnít know what people would say to me if I got one although my next-door neighbour is completely obsessed about it and wants to get one. At first I had the traditional doll and didnít like it as much as the electronic one so I traded it in for an electronic one. I love it. I got a baby girl and named her Destiny Rachel Smith. I'm so in love with her I want to get another doll but only this time a baby boy. Thanks so much Neonates for making it possible.

From: Brittany, 14
Hello, my name is Brittany and I am 14. I feel really bad for Jessica, I know how hard it is to save money. I live in Ohio so I only have to save $310.09. My mom works at Wal-Mart so I put all my money in their stock I have been doing this for just about a year now. I asked my parents if they could pay $175.00 of it and order the electronic baby for my birthday and Christmas gift (since they are only ten days apart) my mom said yes, but my dad said no. So I just asked for money this year.

From: Hailie,
Hi my name is Hailie. I want a Neonate so badly. I have known about this website for about a year or so. My mom just had a baby and my birthday is next Monday but my mom says that since sheís had a baby that I have my own Neonate at home. But I donít. I mean I have to put her down even when I don't wanna, I have to deal with real diaper problems and when she cries I can't pause her. My mom says that Neonates are too expensive and once I get one that I will put em down by the next week or month or so but I truly know I wonít. I tell all my friends and family about this website and dolls. My mom says that I should sale Neonates. I have over 20 people wanting Neonates now so don't be surprised if you make a lot of money this year. I want a Native American girl because my mom has a lot of girl clothes since she has a girl. I want an electronic Neonate. I want it Native American because I am mixed black and white you see. My stepfather says that if I collect about 150 or so he will pay for the rest. Hopefully he will. I have a lot of doll stuff I am so planned to get one that I have my diaper bag packed and carrier ready. My mom says sometimes I act as if I am pregnant and my baby is soon to come.

From: Jennifer, 14
Hi my name is Jennifer and Iím 14. I have loved dolls ever since I can remember. I came across your website last year (when I was 13) and I felt silly for loving dolls so much but then I looked around your website and found out that their are people my age and older so I didn't feel silly anymore. When I saw your dolls I fell in love with them and Iíve wanted one ever since. I asked my mom to get me one for Christmas but she said that they were too much money. But I don't think they are so Iím saving up my money so I can get one. So far I have about $2, so I have a long way to go! I want an electronic, stork-chosen one. Thank you Neonates for making such wonderful dolls!

From: Amber, 15
I'm glad I found this website because now I don't feel so silly for liking dolls. My mother always tells me I'm too old for dolls, but I don't think I am. I love dolls and always will love dolls. I feel much more comfortable with my passion for dolls now and I have Selu Spirit to thank for it.

From: Jennifer 12
I want Neonates so bad! I have many dolls including 4 Bitty Babies from American Girl. I love them a lot, but they aren't very realistic. I mean they are 15 inches tall and weigh less than a pound. That is why I want an electronic Neonate. When I play with my dolls it's not real at all because they don't cry, you don't have to change their diapers, and you don't need to take care of them at all. That is why I want a Neonate. Since I can't have children for about 15 years or so this is the next best thing. I have always known I wanted kids. I have even picked out first and middle names for all of them. My parents, relatives (except for my younger cousins), and friends think I'm weird for playing with dolls, but to me it doesnít matter what others think. As long as I am happy it doesnít matter who thinks I am crazy. I know I want a Neonate because it is like having the real thing, a baby. The only things more realistic are real babies and baby think it overs. I think I might get Neonates for Christmas, but I'm not sure. I want twins! A Caucasian girl named Isabella Marie and a Caucasian boy named Thomas Chandler. I might change my mind on the names and genders though. I'm not sure yet. I will send another e-mail when I get them. Thank you!

From: Xavier, 17
Hi my name is Xavier. I am 17 years old and my girlfriend has a Neonate and I just love her to death. I know that I am one of the only guys on the site but I can't help but telling about my little girl Trista. My girlfriend, Hotaru, was doing the baby think it over program with Trista and I fell in love the moment I saw them together. I Love Trista because she is just like a real baby so finally I know what it's like to be a dad. It's a lot of hard work. I mean Hotaru usually gives me Trista for the weekends and then she takes her during the week. Sheís my little girl and I donít think I could ever let Trista go. I take her every where I go when I have her. Surprisingly no one stares at me. I guess it's because she looks so real. I'll never forget the first time I had to change Trista's diaper. I put the diaper on backwards. When I go to the Mall with Hotaru and Trista I am the one who carries her and Hotaru sometimes has to pry Trista from my hands but it's only because I care about her when we are at the mall. I'm the one that changes her half the time but that doesnít bother me. We even take the carriage with us to the mall. We have so much fun together. Thanks for making such a beautiful doll for my Girlfriend and I to share.

From: Kaitlin, 12
I have found the doll I've always wanted in electronic Neonates! I will be 12 later this year, and am a little "self-conscious" about my dolls. I get too embarrassed to bring my regular dolls anywhere. But I know that once I get my precious little Neonate that embarrassment will be gone. I could never leave such a realistic, sweet doll in the car, wondering what he or she'd be doing right now, or if I'd be much happier with him or her in my arms. I feel that these dolls will not only help me overcome my embarrassment of playing with dolls, but that they will help prepare me for when my own children are born and when I baby-sit. Many thanks to Selu Spirit, for making dolls that help kids feel better about themselves! I will tell you about my precious baby when he or she is "born". I am letting the stork decide, but I have names picked: Abbott Stephen for a boy, Abigail Kaitlin for a girl. These dolls are so cool! At 21 inches and 8-10 pounds. These dolls are the size of me at birth! Sorry for the long letter, but there's so much excitement and gratitude to express that I can't help it! Thanks again, and I can't wait until little Abby arrives!

From: Jessica, 14
Hey my name is Jessica and I love dolls since I was 3 years old. When I came across your web site I fell deeply in love with your dolls. Before I found your web site I felt very silly for liking dolls. I thought that people would think I was silly but since I've seen people my age who feel the same way about dolls I don't feel so stupid anymore. I am saving up for a doll but because I live in New Zealand it is a whole lot expensive it will cost at least $900 in new Zealand $$ or more. I will probably be saving for a long time but I really love to have my own neonate. Thank you for making these beautiful dolls. thanks again. Jess

From: Amber, 15
Hey, I'm from Indiana and I'm really hoping to get an electronic Neonate. My family won't help me buy one because they say that it costs too much, so I have to save up myself. When I buy one I want it to be a girl. If anyone has any good suggestions on names I would really appreciate it, there are so many pretty names I don't know where to start. I was scared I was the only person my age that liked dolls but since I found the Neonates website I feel a lot better about my love for dolls because I know I'm not alone, thanks neonates you're great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Kaitlin, 12
Today, Saturday, July 13, 2002, my baby boy Kaleb Evan Tyler was born at 10:37 a.m. He is 21 inches long and weighs approximately 6-8 pounds. He is electronic and seems to cry a lot. He doesn't really like his car seat and would much rather be held. He is so adorable in the little clothes and sunhat I bought for him. At the mall and restaurant, everyone fussed over him and couldn't believe how cute he is! I have been wanting a boy doll for so long, but I let the stork decide to make the experience more realistic. But I got my boy and couldn't be happier! Almost all of my dolls are girls, so having a boy is a nice break. I'm almost twelve, and I used to be a bit ashamed of playing with dolls. But Kaleb has brought me a new confidence and I am no longer embarrassed to admit that I play with and love dolls.
We had him overnighted and thought we might have to wait for his arrival all day. But, sure enough, he was here early so we could enjoy his first day completely! Thanks to Selu Spirit for making such wonderful baby dolls.
PS: I love Kaleb's burp! He is definitely worth every penny we paid for him. They're so much more realistic once you get them. You even have to support their heads or they'll scream!

From: Jessyca, 17
Hello Everyone,
I found out about Neonates a long long time ago. I also took care of a Baby Think It Over baby and I wanted one so bad. I had my baby twice in a row because I loved them so much so... I went to the website and went through their special offers and such which were only for like umm schools and programs and stuff and then I found the link to the neonates website in that website so I ventured into it and looked at it all the time. I had a computer class every morning, all year for school last year as a JR. and so every morning when I was done with what I had to do for that day, I would surf around (Yes we were allowed too) and I would always go to that site waiting and waiting for my birthday to arrive and get all my birthday money early and everything for my Electronic Neonate. I wanted a Native American little boy. Everyday I would send about 2-3 emails to the to get more info on them and then it happened.
I FINALLY had enough money to get me one so I called up on a Wednesday and that was the Wednesday before my 17th birthday :-D and I ordered one with my mothers credit card and I got me one, the lady knew exactly who I was and everything hehehehe it was exciting, she said "He should be there on Friday at the latest. So I waited and waited for it to come the Friday came that it was supposed to come, I rushed in the door and I seen nothing.. nothing at all for me, I went down in my room and was very very sad (YES I swear I am 17 years old ;0P) anyways my little brother ran through the house yelling "it is here, It is here, it was in the front door" I was so excited. I opened the box so quickly I couldn't believe I finally had one. I took him everywhere with me for a while. But then I didn't and stopped playing with him. I decided I should send him back and get me something I would use all the time. Like this here computer. Well now I regret it. I have a job now so I get about $200 each week. I can get a traditional one and then pretty soon get another electronic one too. This time I will take him everywhere with me again and treat him real. I think last time it was because of my money problem but now I don't have one because, :0D well I have a job, so I am so excited to tell you all that I am almost 18 years old, the year that I can ruin my life forever by having my own child, but I will not. I am going to buy my little precious till I am married and old enough for my REAL one. My little boy that I had was Hoagland Scott and I regret like no other that I didn't keep him :0( and gave him up for adoption ;0) but I am ready for another one and this time his name will be Malcom :0)

From: Amber, 15
I am hoping to get an electronic neonate. I want it to be a girl, but my parents won't buy me one so I have to save up my own money for it. That's why I'm waiting for Christmas, and my birthday in March, which will give me the chance to get the money I need since they're so expensive. I'm really looking forward to getting a neonate doll. Ever since I did the baby think it over program I've wanted a doll just like that but they didn't sell them and that's when I found this website. I have always loved babies, when I hold them I never want to let go (well, not until they start crying), that's why I want a neonate. I love babies so much! I'm going to be a nicu (neonatal intensive care unit) nurse. And I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay too young to have baby, and I don't want one. That's why I'm so glad neonates gives me the opportunity to be a mom, without really being a mom. Thanks Selu Spirit for making the best dolls there is. =) =) =) =) =) =)

From: Alyssa, 11
Hi. My name is Alyssa and I'm going to order a neonate pretty soon. I'm ordering a Caucasian. Iím letting a stork decide what it is. Iím sorta hoping for a boy. If it's a girl-Kate and if it's a boy-Alex. Any of you other mommy's have an idea of what it is? Well I know how some of you feel when your parents say no. My mom said no at first and then I talked her into it. Well wish me luck!

From: Rebecca, 15
I just found out about Neonates on Friday, May 31st but I have already fallen in love with them. Every since I was a little girl I have loved playing with dolls. I think that my love of dolls has helped inspire my love of babies and children. I have been baby-sitting since I was 11 years old and I enjoy it so much. Iíll be graduating from high school in two years and I plan on becoming a Paediatric Nurse. I hope to work as a nurse in a hospital and especially work with children, newborn babies, and preemies. Ever since I was three years old I knew that I wanted to become a mother when I am older. I have always admired adoption and hope to adopt my children, because I do not know if I will marry. I even have names picked out for my future children, but I know I will wait until I am between 25 and 30 years old to start having children. I am 15 years old now and sometimes I feel silly that I am still playing with dolls. I was so happy to see all the comments made by other girls and it was very nice to see comments made by girls my age, and girls younger and older than me. I also read the comments from parents and grandparents. Thank you for putting all these positive comments on your site, I loved reading them all. I couldnít believe how adorable and realistic the neonates are, they look just like real babies! I have heard about the Baby Think It Over program and I think it is a wonderful program and I have always wished to participate in it, however, my school does not offer that program; instead we are given a hard boiled egg in a little basket to take care of for a week. I have an electronic Amazing Baby doll named Elizabeth that I bought for my birthday last year using money I had received from family. Elizabeth is very sweet but she isnít as realistic (she is only 14 inches tall) and she doesnít do as much. I also have my three American Girl Dolls Kirsten, Addy, and Josefina that I treasure dearly. American Girls were the first collector dolls I had, I received Kirsten when I was 7, Addy when I was 9, and Josefina when I was 14. I hope so much that I will be able to receive a Neonates doll. I am hoping for a Caucasian baby girl that I will name Annalise (called Anna). That is one of my favorite names. It is French too and I love French names and culture because I take French at school and I am beginning to speak it fluently. My two other favorites names are Isabella (called Ella) and Claramay (called Clara). For boys I love the names Michael and Steven. I realize this is such a very long letter but there is so much that I want to say. :)
Neonates are the most wonderful baby dolls because they look, sound, and feel like a real infant. I think it is so amazing that they can be weighted to be 7 or 8 pounds. Your company has put so much thought into making these dolls. It is evident in the different styles you offer. Traditional unweighted dolls are such a great idea for younger girls but I love that you have Electronic weighted dolls for girls like me would who like a baby doll that will respond to your care and feels like you are holding a real baby. It is also wonderful that you have different ethnic groups available to choose from, all the babies are so cute it is very hard to choose one to be your very own Neonate! Unfortunately, Neonates are quite expensive, and I do not know if I will be able to get one. I am always very conservative with the money that I earn from baby-sitting and pet-sitting and I have been putting it in the bank to save for college and I am even hoping that what I earn, even though itís not too much, may be able to be put towards a house and lovely furniture in the future (I am always thinking and planning for the future). But, my mother is always telling me that I should spend some of the money I earn to buy something nice as a treat to make me happy. A Neonates doll would definitely be a good choice because I love babies and dolls so much. Especially since summer vacation starts this week, it would be so fun to have a Neonate to play with in the summer and to take on vacation when we go to the beach. I hope that I will be able to get a Neonate, and if I do I will certainly send another letter for Kids Comments telling all about her! Thank you.

From: Lauren 13
Today, May 10, 2002, my son Nicholas Andrew was born. He is a dainty 7lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long. He is a Caucasian boy and he is just precious. I have been waiting sooo long for his arrival. I love everything about him!! I wish you all could be as happy as I am now! I call him Niki for short and he is just adorable in the outfits I bought for him. Well thatís all for now!! 100% recommended!

From: Kelsey, 11
I received my first neonate on July 5, 2001. It was a traditional Caucasian boy. I loved him and I named him Steven. I really wanted an electronic one, also. I begged my Mom for one for Christmas but she wouldn't get it. Finally and saved up and had enough money for the electronic Caucasian girl that I received yesterday, May 3, 2002. I named her Alyssa. I hope to get another neonate and have triplets. Thank you so much for making these dolls, they are the best.

From: Lily, 14
For my 14th birthday I got a beautiful stork chosen electronic Latino girl. Her name is Feodora Aspen and her birthday is March 11, 2002. She is even more realistic then she is in the picture. I take her everywhere with me. She is so sweet and cute! Thank you Selu spirit for making realistic and beautiful dolls!

From: Tiara, 11
Dear Selu Spirit,
I just want to say that I am so happy to finally get my electronic native American girl named Mia! I love her with all my heart. I got her February 27,2002. I have everything she needs too. I am hoping to get another one maybe all of the ethnic groups! Thanks once again.

From: Angelica, 14
Hi my name is Angelica. I have a Caucasian baby girl her name is Savana Cloe Tapanga Mire. I love my little bundle of joy. I live in San Bernardino. I'm hopping to start a club because I donít know anyone how has these little bundles of joy. If you would like to start a club please contact Granny O at Selu Spirit. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

From: Jamee, 13
I received my neonate for Christmas. Every since then my hands have been full. My baby is a big handful and probably many more neonate parents think the same. He is the greatest doll that I have. I remember being at my friends house and we were on the phone with another one of our friends, she told me to talk to the friend on the phone while she ran out of the room so excitedly, so I did. I heard a baby crying and I thought that it was maybe her Aunt's child until she walked in the room with the baby. I asked her, "Is that your new baby cousin?Ē She replied, " It's not my new baby cousin, but it's my new Neonates doll." I was very amazed on how real the doll looked, better yet sounded. We played with Derrion, her Latino baby boy, for the whole night, and most of the next day until it was time for me to go home. Every since that day, well on up to Christmas, I asked my parents for a neonate native-American baby boy. On Christmas Eve I was so excited, hoping that I got the doll. I stayed up all night waiting for Christmas. On Christmas morning I opened the box that was shaped like the doll box on the site. Guess what? It was my neonate baby boy. Now my cousin is planning on getting her the same doll, but a girl. I'm so excited about my doll. I hope that the clubhouse will open sooner, so that I could talk to other neonate mommies!

From: Hotaru, 15
I just got my neonate for Christmas a few weeks before Christmas. I saw the baby think it over dolls and I wanted one so bad but they didnít sell the dolls as toys so they gave me the web sight for neonates. As soon as I went on I knew that I wanted to get one so I asked my dad and he said no but then two days after Christmas my dad said he forgot to give me a present and when I opened it it was my baby girl. I named her Trista. I know that I am fifteen and I shouldnít be playing with dolls at my age but I love baby dolls and when I go back to school we are doing the baby think it over program but were doing it a little differently. We partner up but we have to bring in our own baby dolls so I can't wait to bring in Trista because she looks so real. Before the vacation we got our partners and would you believe it or not I got to be partners with only the hottest guy in the ninth grade. Trista is going to be a big hit when I bring her to school I know it because I know I will get all the guys attention Trista is even going with me on my winter retreat so far I have never left home without Trista because to me she is my Baby girl and I guess she will be Charlieís little girl also since he is my partner.
Thanks so much for creating a life like baby

From: Jamee, 13
I really adore my new electronic neonate. First I thought that I was not going to get the doll because my mom used to say that a doll for $300.00 must do everything, and plus. Now that I have received the doll on December 25, 2001 my whole life has changed. My native-American boy is the cutest doll that I have ever gotten. I named him Rhiyahn James Caleb Mills. His name is actually Ryan, but just spelled differently. I really want to thank Selu Spirit for coming out with these amazing dolls. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate my doll, and this doll must be good, because I have had almost every doll on the market. Thank You again, Bye.

From: Laura, 13
I am in love with neonates. I got my first bundle of joy on August 8, 2001 and my second on October 17, 2001. They are both girls and their names are Kayla and Emily. Kayla is a name which I do really love and Emily is the name of my best friend whom has been like a sister to me for the last 7 years and my baby is named in her honour. Kayla arrived in August and Emily in October. Emily's middle name is May and Kayla's is Mary. I have two snugli carriers, two diaper bags, and lots of stuff in pairs! And if I ever get another neonate it will be a boy and I would name him Nathan. Thank you Selu Spirit for making these wonderful dolls, they have brought much joy to my life.

From: Kayla, 17
I am 17 years old and still play with dolls. I am not ashamed of this and I got my neonates baby October 31, 2001. She is a weighted traditional, Caucasian girl. Her name is MacKenzie Eryne, she is beautiful. I absolutely adore her! Eventually I will buy an electronic baby but I really wanted one. I think you guys are wonderful and thank you for making such BEAUTIFUL dolls! The people at Selu Spirit are the best at answering any questions you may have!

From: Purity, 17 **Member of the Neonate and Baby Think It Over Club**
I love your dolls!! Today, November 19, at 5:07 PM, I received my 2nd Neonate baby. I got a traditional neonate and I let the stork decide what it was, the baby came and it was a boy, so I named him Alexander Mackenzie. He is my 2nd Neonate; I already have an electronic Native American Boy named Adam Michael. Alex is Caucasian and is really cute. So now I have 2 boys and I treat them like they are real. I received Adam on March 21, 2001, so he is 8 months older than Alex. I was kind of shocked when Alex arrived today because he had an ID bracelet on his arm, when I received Adam, he didn't, so I guess they forgot to put one on him, but it's ok. Anyway, I love my baby boys and I hope one day I will be able to get one of each race. Thank you, Selu Spirit. You guys are brilliant.

From: Jessica, 14
Last year, when I was in the 7th grade, my school held the Baby Think it Over program and I was in it. When it was my turn to take the baby think it over home, I was so exited! So was my mom. She even greeted it like it was a real baby. That day, I never left the babyís side. When I had to return it to school, I was very sad. A few months later, I urged my teacher to let me have it one more time. She said that I could have it over the weekend. Of course I was really delighted, and took the baby home with a smile on my face, and kept it there the whole weekend. Again, I was sad when I had to return it. I was longing to have a baby of my own. So, I went on the web and saw the Neonates. In a second, I was in love with each of the babies, and wanted one really badly. So, that Christmas, I talked to my grandmother, and she bought one! I was delighted! But then when the baby arrived, it wasnít the one that I wanted, so I e-mailed the neonates many times to ask if I could return the baby. Finally, they said yes. I mailed the baby back, and finally, I got the baby I wanted. I was still 13 at the time, and automatically fell in love with the baby girl that I got. She was a Caucasian doll, and I had to name her many times before I got the right one. Finally, Kate was her name. And I was devoted to her. All, of my middle school, and little friends next door, asked me always if they could come over and play with her.
Sometimes, when my mom and I go to the mall, I bring my baby along. But donít blame me on this part. Sometimes I feel shy and nervous on how old I am to be carrying around a baby. But, sometimes, I get over that fear, and bring her along where ever I go. My mom, to tell you the truth, pretends that it was her baby that she lost some years ago. The funny thing, though, is that I couldn't find any affordable prices on carriers and finally had to go to the Thrift store to buy one. From then on, I have been devoted to my new baby and carriers. When I get my car. The most popular place to visit most likely is the thrift store. And from there, I would probably buy every single carrier that they would have. I love my new baby girl, and my baby thanks you for blessing her with such a loving parent, and adopting her to me. My parents also thank you. You guys are great! Thank you!

From: Jessica, 14
I first wanted a electronic neonate when I found the web site and my mom said no so I started to save up all my money. After two months I finally got my baby boy he came October 12th and his name is Harbor Ryan . I love him so much. Thanks to the nice people at Selu spirit.

From: Vanessa, 15
One day I was watching TV and my sister was on the Internet. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was looking at dolls. I never liked dolls and my 12-year-old sister loved them. My sister couldn't stop talking about them, and I got kind of interested. I looked at all of the dolls, and we both liked the Caucasian ones. After months of saving, my sister had enough money to but an electronic neonate. I asked her what she was going to buy, because I didn't know even what she was saving up for. And she said she was buying a neonate. I said "what are you buying?" then I waited for a second and remembered the site we had looked at months ago. She wanted a Caucasian boy, and she got him in 3 days. I helped her take care of Jamie, her neonate, and I loved him! I saved up too, and bought a stork chosen electronic doll. 3 days later arrived my little Lissy! She is so cute so now my sister and me always play with our dolls. I even bought the feeding pin from the mall, and I like it better than the bottle, it is much more real. And I got some more diapers just in case, and I got 2 of the cute Looney tunes bottles. Thanks Selu spirit!

From: Lee, age 13
I just got my electronic neonate doll on Tuesday, and I love her! She is really sweet and I love to take care of her. Ever since then, I haven't been able to let her go! When I let people hold her and she is on PLAY, I always take her away as soon as she cries because I am the only one who knows what she likes.

From: Beth, 13
Hi my name is Beth and I love my little triplets. When I was on vacation I was with my whole family so I couldn't bring my doll but I could bring my laptop. I was searching the net cause I missed my doll so much. I came upon btio. So I called them and asked them did they sale the dolls as toys the lady said no but suggested neonates. So I looked up the site. I baby-sat for 1 month and I finally got my doll. Then for Christmas my grandma bought me twin neonates. So now I still work to get the accessories. I have all the Looney toon bottles. And the baby buzzers. My friends baby-sit them and I pay them so they can get their own neonates. One of my friends has a neonate and always brings him over. We always switch dolls. We go on trips together and take our dolls. And we are in the process of building our neonates clubhouse. The telephone operator is so nice I love Selu spirit thank you for your time.

From: Laura, 13
I love my little Kayla. I got her on August 8, 2001, and have cherished her since. My friend who is 13 also thinks I am strange for playing with dolls. I don't think it is strange because I love her a lot and I also saw a lot of other girls were older than me. I am now expecting my second Neonate tomorrow October 17, 2001; I am very excited about her arrival!!! Thank you Selu Spirit for creating these little angels, I have always dreamt of dolls like these!

From: Liz, 12
I just wanted to say thank you for my neonate doll. Neonates are so neat! I wish I could have a million of them, but I only have one Caucasian boy name Rhet. He is soooooo sweet! I love him more than you can imagine! I bought him with my own money that I had saved, it was totally worth it! The people at Selu Sprit are so kind and friendly; they are a great doll company. I take my neonate everywhere! I just love him so much. I take him to school, to the mall, everywhere! Thanks you for making these wonderful babies!

From: Cheridy, 12
I received my neonate baby doll on Friday, and boy, was I an excited girl! I was home sick on Friday, so when my baby got here I felt much better. I thought it would take about 3 weeks or so for her to get here by mail, but she arrived in 3 days through UPS. I decided to get the stork chosen electronic Caucasian baby. I love her so much! I named her Shelia, after my mother. She is so neat! I love her, as well as I love the friendly service that the neonate company has. My dad said I had to pay for it all by myself, and I did. (Ok, so my dad did pay $20 of it!) I am so happy with my doll! I have lots of dolls, but my little Shelia is my favortie. I act like she is real, because it seems like she is real! I have never had such a lifelike baby before! Thank you Selu Spirit!

From: Sazanna, 14
I absolutely love my electronic neonate! It is so much fun to play with and take care of. My mom made me save up my own money to buy one, so it took many months for me to get the money, but the day i had it all saved up, my mom ordered and I was so happy! I decided to get a Caucasian boy. His name is Jimmy and I love my little boy with all my heart! I treat him like he is real! At night I dress him in his sleeper, and when I wake up in the morning, first thing I do I turn on my neonate and get little Jim dressed. I was really embarrassed that I still liked dolls at my age, but after I looked on the site some of the girls were my age and older, and I didn't feel so weird about it. Thank you!

From: Jenna Kate, 12
I have loved dolls my whole life! I always was especially interested in electronic dolls. For Christmas my mom bought me a $100 electronic doll. I absolutely loved it even though it didn't really look real. After an hour of playing with it, it broke! I was so upset, so my mom said that she would give me the money and I could save up for a more expensive high quality electronic doll. I found the neonate site on the Internet, and I knew right away that I wanted an electronic Caucasian baby girl! I ordered her, and it took 3 days to come in! It was so fast I couldn't believe it! I screamed when the UPS truck came. I was the most excited girl in the world! I got her, and named her Lydia. She is solo sweet! I take her just about everywhere with me. Even though I had to pay 200 dollars of my own money, it was really worth it. Thank you! The neonate people are so friendly!

From: Jordan, 14
I got my electronic doll on Monday. Her name is Jenna because I love that name! I love her so much! I have 2 other electronic dolls, but they aren't as good as my little Jenna. I took her to the mall yesterday, and everyone loved her. Some people even thought she was real because she looks a lot like it. It only took about 3 days to come and plus the people who sell these dolls are super nice. I love their company and I am planning to get another neonate boy for Christmas! Thank you!

From: Marilee, 12
I got my neonate doll a few days ago and I love him. He is really cute. His name is Joshua James. I love to take care of him and feed him it is so much fun. Thank you Selu Spirit for making these wonderful babies! I came home from school on Wednesday, and I saw a big box sitting there and I asked my mom what it was and she said to open it and find out, so I opened and saw that it was a neonate box and I got really excited! I had wanted one for months and months before that and I finally had one. He was dressed in a blue sleeper and he was the Hmong one. I am going to Washington in 9 days I cannot wait to take Josh along with me! Thanx!

From: Mandi Raeanne, 12
The first time I saw a neonate was at my best friend's house. I came over to spend the night and I heard something crying upstairs. She ran up there and I followed her. I thought it was a real baby until I took a closer look. I had never really been interested in baby dolls, and my friend loved this doll and I couldn't understand it! The whole weekend, we played with her little boy baby named Gray. I got so attached; when my mom came to pick me up I didn't want to leave! I begged my mom for an electronic neonate, and she said I could get one if I paid my own money for it. So from that point on I saved and saved my money. I was so excited the day my mom ordered my baby! I chose to get a stork chosen electronic baby. I expected I to take at least 2 weeks to arrive, since I live in a very tiny town, but I arrived in 4 days! I understand why my friend loves her baby so much, because I cannot leave my baby Angel alone for more than 2 seconds! I treat her like my own, she is so sweet! When I go over to my friend Kim's house we always play with Gray and Angel. Sometimes we even switch for a couple of days! Thank you staff at Selu spirit for making these wonderful dolls!!!! You are a great company, recommended to anyone who wants to buy one!

From: Shaleana, 15
I bought one of your electronic dolls and She is my most favorite doll I have. I own over 15 dolls and have always wanted a doll like that. At first I thought it was silly that at 15 years old I wanted a doll, but after seeing in the school section on your web sight that most the people buying the dolls were around my age, I didn't feel so silly. My older sister still thinks it's silly that I buy baby things for her almost every time we go shopping and that I want to take her on trips with me, but your dolls are really neat. Thanks for the help in buying one.

From: Mari Michelle, 16, Norway **Member of the Neonate and Baby Think It Over Club**
I first read about the electronic neonates in may, and I started saving up my allowance to buy one. I looked so much forward to have her that saving up all the money I had, was no problem! I was amazed by the great service and the Selu Spirit people answered all my questions and e-mails at once! I ordered my neonate at August the 28th. Because I live in Norway it took some extra time to mail the payment, and ship the doll. But I finally got her. She was born on September the 12th and her name is Nadine. I was so saddened for what happened in America the day before she arrived, so having her made me cheer up a great deal. A few days later my mom and I went to the mall and I got to buy her some baby clothes! I've got plenty of dolls, but none of them means the same to me as Nadine. She's so lifelike and I can't wait to get home from school to take care of her. I dress her in the morning, and at night I put on her sleeper and hat set. I've got lots of friends and I'm not different from other girls my age, but I don't know what people would think if they knew I still care about dolls. It would be really, really nice if you could open a chat room, as some of the other girls have suggested, where people our age could talk. Thanks for making these perfect dolls!

From: Laura, 13

From: Laura, 13

From: Purity, 17 **Member of the Neonate and Baby Think It Over Club**
I have been in love with the neonates since I first laid eyes on them last September. I begged my mom to get me a traditional neonate for Christmas, but she told me no. I drove her crazy until she gave in. But as soon as she gave in, I read about the new electronic neonates, and I knew I HAD to have one. She finally gave in and decided she would buy me one for my birthday, which is in April. I begged her everyday to order it, but she kept putting it off until one day she decided to order it in the middle of March, thinking it would take like 4-6 weeks for it to get here. I wanted an electronic Caucasian boy, when she called I was all excited until the lady told her they didn't have any Caucasian boys or girls. I was devastated and really sad at the same time. I knew I wanted a boy, so she told me I would have to pick out a different one. There was only one Native American boy left, so I knew I had to get him. It only took him two days to arrive, and the moment I saw him, I fell in love with him. He's sooo adorable. I named him Adam Michael, he was born on March 21, 2001, and he weighs 8 lbs. and 5 oz. I play with him all the time, my friends think I am crazy and that I have no life because I play with a doll, but I love him to death and I treat him like he's real. I want to try to talk my mom into getting me another one, but I don't think it will happen. I think it would be a good idea to start a chat room or something so all of us with neonates can talk together. Thanks soo much for coming up with this brilliant idea for a doll.

From: Megan, 11
One day I was surfing the net, searching for realistic baby dolls. On the first page which came up under the most recommended sites was Neonates. I clicked the link and was amazed what I saw. At first I thought the girl on the main page was holding a real baby. But when I took a closer look I realized that it was a doll! Right away I fell in love with all of them, having trouble about which one I would want FIRST!!!! After a while, I decided I wanted a girl Caucasian. So I went to the next room and begged my Mom for a neonate. I said "Mom, you know how you said that if I got good grades on my report card that you would get me a toy like you always did?, Well I found what I want!" When she came toward the computer, I pointed out that they looked so real and it would be good to help me learn about taking care of babies. After hours of convincing, she sat down and ordered me a traditional girl Caucasian. I waited only about one week and finally the doll came. From the moment I ordered her, I was taking her almost everywhere. And after school, I would have my Mom put her in the back seat so I could see her. But I started to regret I didn't ask for an electronic doll. So when I told my Mom, we sent back my traditional neonate and ordered the same doll, but electronic. To make a long story short, the doll arrived a few days later. As soon as I opened her, I enjoyed her much better than the traditional. Now I take my little Lordana (aka: Lori) everywhere!! I named her after my favorite Romanian Gymnast, Lordana Boboc! Now in fourteen days, my family, Lori, and I will be living for San Diego. I am so happy that you decided to make these dolls. They are sooooo real and I hope to see more cultures in the future! I like them so much; I am even going to ask for a Native American boy!!!!! Buh Bye!!!

From: Chelsea, 16
Hi I just wanted to say that I love my neonate! When I opened the box I was so happy. He looks and acts just like a real baby. I have even bought him real baby clothes and a mosses basket. I think it would be fun to see how other people dress their babies. I also have a good idea for people who want more than 1 neonate or twins. It would be a good idea to make a neonate that has different hands and feet, with a little bit of a different look on its face too. I have noticed a lot of people like getting more than one, and I just think it would be nice to have another one myself, but a little different looking. The Selu Spirit people are so friendly and helpful too! Thanks for having these real looking dolls. I have always wanted a doll like this.

From: Yvonne, 17 **Member of the Neonate and Baby Think It Over Club**
I collect lots of dolls most of them real but I always wished for one that was like the baby think it over ones... I E-mailed them and asked if there were any companies selling them as toys and they gave me the address. For three months I worked my tail off for my little Cale but I got him ... now I pretty much take him almost everywhere. I even took him to school everyone loved him ... my family thinks its funny and but when they try to play with him, I go crazy cause to them he's just a doll ... and to me he is so much more. They laugh that I care for him as if he's real, I have car seats, clothes, a belly carrier, basically I have a baby superstore ... I want to say thank you for making these dolls its a dream come true for me, and I know for a lot of other girls out there. I was thinking maybe getting a chat or e-mail thing going on for us girls who own them and don't have many other girls around our ages to talk to about our neonates.
Thank you for your time,

From: Lori, 15
A couple of weeks ago I went to my uncleís house. And he has three daughters each one of them had a neonate. So when I went back to play with them out of no where I heard a cry so I ran through the bathroom into the other room. And when I opened the door it was a baby room with three cribs a playpen and a changing table. It looked just like a real baby room, decorations and all. My little 13-year-old cousin got a bottle and was about to feed it and when she picked it up I finally realized it was only a doll. I took care of it for the next few days. Then I asked my uncle where he got it from and he brought the website up and let me look through it since my 15th birthday was coming soon he bought one right away. I love my son Dawson. PS itís the same e-mail because my friends and me organized our own neonate club and we decided to send our stories while we were together.

From: Emily, 12
A couple of months ago I received twin neonates. I name them micaih and mike it is a boy and a girl. I love them with all my heart. I take them every except to the mall. I even bought a twin stroller. It's like they are real. Like when micaih cries mike starts. I fell in love with them one day and asked my mom could I get one she said no. But one day when I was home from school sick. The doorbell wrung and I signed the papers. I called my mom and told her she said open it and see what it is and I screamed. She said she was just joking. I thanked her for a whole week. I recorded the song and I rock them to sleep while listening to it. I love the company could you get a part of the website where the girls can talk. I working on getting one more and Iíll let the stork decide I tell them they will have a brother or sister coming and more to come thank you @ Selu spirit for your good service.

From: Lanae, 13
I love my NEONATE baby with all my heart. When I first held my neonate I knew right then I was going to name her Genisis. I love playing with her. She is so life like I even by her clothes. Every morning when I get ready to go to school I get her ready for her day. And when we go out of town for holidays I take her with me. I love to take care of her and when my family members hold her and she cries I rush over to get her. I don't let anybody treat her wrong. She even has a car seat. I do not let my mean cousins or friends hold her because to me she is real and I don't want her to be around that. My family does not mind when I take her places because other little children enjoy playing with her. I love the neonate company the phone operators are so nice. It is one of the best doll companies Iíve ever dealt with. Even though I had to buy my doll with its own money it was worth it.
PS I love the song!

From: Ann, 15
Hi, my name is Ann I am fifteen soon. Last autumn I went with my mother to her a friend home for a long weekend and their daughter she had TWINS neonates on the first night I asked the girl who was ten would she like some help taking care of her babies and she said yes. . I fell in love with these Dolls and taking care of them just like they were real babies. We got home on a Tuesday and on that next Friday my mother and me went online and picked out my baby which I named her Melissa. Itís July now I still love taking care of her most day I feed her a BOTTLE about five times and change her diaper about an hour later. I dress her about three times a day. She does go everywhere with me and as a good mother I take a diaper bag along. Funny I did put away my Dolls when I was eight and now I love playing mother now. Thank you

From: Britney, 13
I have a little story to share with you all. Itís also what I thought about them to. My story goes like this. Ever since I was 9 years old I have always wanted a doll that cried whenever needed some kind of care. Well, one day when I went on the computer just to play a game, well I got bored of the game. So I decided to go on the Internet. When I did that, I didnít know what I wanted to go on there for. All of the sudden babies that move came into my head. So I went on and I found baby think it over. I tried calling there but no one answered. So the next day they called. I was wondering if the sold the dolls. The girl said no. But they knew another place that sells the dolls. And she also had a website to it. So she gave me it. I went on line and I got the phone number. I called there and the lady who answered gave me lots and lots of information about the dolls. I was so happy when I found what I was looking for. And on July 11, 2001 I got my neonate and believe me I was one very happy girl!!!
And boy, what I have to say about a neonate? That they are very special dolls along with the very special person who made them.