Make a Bed Out Of Your Doll Box

Thanks to Mary Kate

Materials: Neonate box (or other box big enough to fit you baby), Pillow, blanket or pillow case, a shoe box, and some thing to keep the top up right (I used an unused garbage can).

1. Take the pillow and put the pillow case or blanket on it.
2. Stick the pillow in the box , curling the sides under so they fit nicely ( the pillow is bigger than the box).
3. Take the *garbage can* and put it behind the box on the surface you are keeping the crib.( prefferably against a wall).
4. Fold the top down.
5.Put all your baby's bottles, diapers and other accesories in the shoebox w/o a lid and put it on the box's top.
6. Lay your baby down with his/her favorite toy and a blankie to keep warm and your done.

* note * My crib/changing table was on a desk so I had drawers to put my babie's clothes in. If you want you can add another shoe box to the top with a lid to store at least some of your babie's clothes.

Other Option