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A few of our long time members got together for the first time in person in Minneapolis, Minnesota! We were there from August 13, 2007 to August 16, 2007 and had a wonderful time. We each had a baby or two and had tons of fun taking them out in one large group. Read my little log of our trip below.

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Friday, July 13th, 2007

Well this morning I got up at 4am. A little too early since it didn’t take me long to get ready.

I was nervous about my mom’s reaction to me bringing Hayley but when I was getting ready to go downstairs and she saw her all she said was, “Why don’t you bring one of your dolls that weighs less?” I told her everyone is bringing the Neonates and Baby Think It Overs. So then we said bye and she said have a good time and she loves me and then I headed downstairs.

Anywho, once I was in the airport I sat down and got my snugli out of my backpack so it would make it easier for me to pull my luggage, and carry Hayley and my cam corder bag and backpack.

While waiting in line for customs a lady asked how old my little girl is. I told her she was a doll and she was like “Oh my gosh! I seriously thought she was real.” She then asked me questions about her and stuff. I just lied and said it was a school project lol. Once I got through customs I checked my suitcase and headed to security.

I put my bags in the tray and then asked the guy if I need to put my doll in the tray too. I don’t think he got that she isn’t real because he said I can walk through with her. So I did and then the man there thought she was real too. He asked for a manual exam since I had a baby. When the lady came and I told her she wasn’t real I had to put her through the x-ray machine just as I thought. After she went through they started asking me questions about her and what’s inside because something was blocking. They had to take me aside and find a screwdriver to open her up. The whole time the lady and man laughed about it and was asking me about the doll and what it was for and stuff. The man could tell I was worried about her getting damaged and I told him she’s a very expensive doll and to please be careful with her and he’s like don’t worry. Anyway, they finally figured out it was the speaker and cleared her. Phew!

So then I was through so I found my gate. While at my gate to wait for boarding, a lady beside me asked me how old my little girl was and I told her it was a doll. Of course questions followed and she said she thought it was great! Then it was time to board. The stewardess asked me if I was sitting my little girl on my lap and I told her she wasn’t real. The lady laughed and said “Oh my God! Get out of here! You totally faked me out!” I had a great window seat.

I was nervous to fly on my own but did really well with it. I was nervous at take off as usual and then was fine. A soccer team of French teens made all sorts of noise as the plane took off. It was really funny. They were all like, “Ohhhh! Ahhhh!” Shortly after take off I had to pee. I tried to hold it since I had Hayley on me in the Snugli. Halfway through the flight I couldn’t hold it anymore. So I took off the snugli with Hayley still in it and left her on my seat while I went. The man beside me probably had some funny looks for Hayley while I was gone.

When the plane landed the French soccer teams clapped and made sounds again. They were too funny.

Once I had my luggage I went to the phone to call for my shuttle. It came in about 20 minutes. When it pulled up I was in the process of getting gum out so I was rushing to put it away and gather my stuff. I almost missed the bus but ran like hell and caught it. The driver looked at me and asked if I was meeting someone at the hotel. I told him yes. He’s like “There was another girl earlier today with one of those dolls.” I asked if it was one or two girls and he said two but he only saw one doll. I knew it was Yvonne and Keely because they were getting there very early. Anyway, the bus ride there was funny. The other passengers were asking so many questions about the doll lol.

Once I checked in I went to my room and got settled. I unpacked some things and freshened up. I checked out the balcony and I swear I saw Tammy getting out of her car carrying her daughter Jamie. So I quickly got my stuff together and went to the lobby but must have just missed her. So I came back upstairs for a bit after setting up my phone and gave mom a call to let her know I arrived safely.

Then I got my camera and envelopes for everyone and headed to the lobby. I just sat there until Tammy came down! I had been very nervous to meet everyone but as soon as I saw her it felt like I knew her. She had her son Alex and daughter Jamie with her. They were so cute. After talking for a while Tammy told me she had a gift for me to thank me for putting together the group and the meet-up. She went to get it and came back with it. It was a Cabbage Patch Kid. Very cute.

Then I took it upstairs and went to get Hayley. When I returned to the lobby with Hayley, Yvonne and Keely were there with their babies. Right away since all four of us had the babies we got questions. Lots of questions. Most were positive responses and fun ones. We just did nothing but laugh and joke around. It was so much fun. I enjoyed holding Mella who is a real care 2 baby. She felt so much more natural to hold than Hayley. Her back is great and her head turns and stuff. I love her. People thought they were cute and wanted to know where to get one, etc.

Finally Nicole and Brian arrived around 3:30ish. Once they got settled we all went on a shopping trip to IKEA! Tammy and I used the free strollers IKEA had for our babies. We got hot dogs and drinks and they were very cheap but yummy. :)

We had a blast. Lots of laughing and jokes. A lot of funny looks from people and questions. Yvonne was too funny in how she answered the questions. She had fast comebacks and was pretty good at selling the babies. She told one person she had an affair with the electrician. She told another person the baby’s daddy is a plastic surgeon. And she told someone else her husband’s a mannequin. What a hoot! I have not laughed so much in a long time!

We then came back to the hotel before dinner. Everyone came to my room for a bit so Tammy could open the new dolls she had shipped to the hotel. The poor babies had been packaged in newspaper and were covered in black print. :(

We then headed to TGI Friday’s for dinner. It was too funny walking in with our babies. We had the sweetest waitress. She was this little Asian woman and she loved our babies. She kept coming back to our table to see how we and the babies were doing. When she came to get our payment at the end of the meal, I gave her a $5 tip and she was like “Oh thank you!” And then she kissed Hayley’s head. Also, she came around and gave two mints to each person…one for us and one for the babies. :D What a sweet woman. She kissed Hayley’s toes and some of the other babies too.

We then went back to the hotel and met up in Tammy’s room. Tammy had a little birthday party planned with gifts for our babies and everything! She even had cupcakes.

So while in Tammy’s room Yvonne helped Tammy clean her new babies. What an amazing job they did!

We did door prize draws and stayed until about 11:30pm.

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

This morning around 10am we walked over to the mall. I rented a stroller for Hayley.

We went to Sears and Tammy bought a stroller. Then we headed over to Underwater Adventures Aquarium. They had a person dressed up as a Shark and we got him to take a picture with him holding Tammy’s baby. It was too funny.

The aquarium was really neat. You walk in a tunnel under the water and there are all kinds of fish, sting rays and sharks swimming on either side of you and above you. Tammy’s baby kept crying which was pretty funny.

Once we finished we looked at the gift shop and I bought some postcards. We were then able to touch sting rays and sharks if we wanted to. At first I was scared but I decided to go for it. I figure I should start experiencing new things. It was cool. The shark felt rough and the sting ray felt slimy.

When we got upstairs we met Cynthia. She had her doll, Abby, with her. We all headed over to the Rainforest Café. We were a wee bit early for our reservations so we hung around outside the restaurant. A lady and her husband came by and she was curious about the babies. She loved them and wanted to hold Yvonne's baby, Mella. We got a couple pictures of her holding Mella. It was great! We also got this person dressed as frog to hold a few babies for pictures too. It was so much fun.

We then went in the restaurant and they took a group picture of us with our babies. It was great! Our waiter was awesome. He loved the babies too. He made lots of fun jokes and when he asked why we had them, Keely said, “For kicks and giggles!” Too funny! He asked where he could get one and everything. We got a pic of him holding a baby as well. Yvonne made her baby dance while we were waiting for the food to come too. It was so much fun.

When we left, Yvonne, Keely and I were playing bumper cars with the strollers which was too funny.

We then visited a few baby stores. So many people loved the babies it was great. And because we were all together in a group we had so much fun with it and felt completely comfortable with the babies in public.

While we were waiting outside of Baby Gap for Nicole, a group of friends shopping stopped to ask about the dolls and admire them and stuff. One of the men held Mella and I took a great picture of him holding her. Before handing her back he kissed her on the head. Too cute.

Nicole and I had a $5 off coupon for Build-A-Bear but right next to it was a place called Friends 2B Made. It was the same concept as Build-A-Bear only you make a doll. We really wanted to do it and asked if we could use the coupon there and they said yes because they are the same company! So we each picked a doll body. Then we had to pick 4 stickers with 4 personality traits for the doll. Then we took a satin heart and put it in the body and stuffed the doll. After that we put ribbons in their hair and picked out clothes for them! We made a certificate and named them on the computer and then paid. It was so much fun!

We then decided to split up and do some shopping by ourselves. I got tired and gave up around 8pm.

Later on, back at the hotel, I ordered Chinese food and ate it in Nicole’s room and we were watching “Meet the Robinsons”. Tammy stopped by and I helped her set up her Ready Or Not Tot. We then came back to my room with her baby and Nicole’s real care 2 named Trysten. Nicole let me borrow her for the night. She mostly slept. Tammy was in my room until 2am. We were just having some good girl talk and time flew.

Nicole told me by the end of the day at the mall that she heard people calling us the doll people. I guess word spread about us lol. She heard one girl say “Look mom, that’s those doll people we heard about! I want one of those!”

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