Meet Up 2009

This Meet-Up turned out to be smaller. It was just Nicole and I. I stayed at her house in Fargo, ND for a week. July 24, 2009 to August 1, 2009 and had a wonderful time. Read my little log of our trip below.

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Hi everyone! So I got back Saturday night from Fargo, North Dakota where I spent the week with Nicole and Brian.

We had a lot of fun.

First I have to tell you all about how it went this time at the airport. This time they required you to put the address of where you were going to be staying on this customs card. Well I didn't have Nicole's new address so I decided to try and go through and explain. Well the guy was like "Why is there no address here?" I told him that I'm going to stay with my friend for the week and she just moved into a new house like two weeks ago so I didn't have the new address yet. He looked at me suspicious. He was like "What is your friend doing there?" I told him she lives there. He asked if she was a Canadian and I said no she's American. Then he asks me how I am friends with someone in the US. I told him the two of us met online and run a doll collector group together and that I'm going there for a doll convention with her. I then point to Hayley and he looks at me all weird. Then he asks if I've ever met her before. I told him yes we met at a doll show two years ago. He gets all quiet and then says he needs address to let me go. So I say I can try calling my husband and see if he can get the address. So then I have to go back behind the line to do this.

When I called Aleks he was just pulling into our driveway. So I told him to message Nicole first on Facebook and then go in my phonebook and try her cell phone number. I said to call me back when he's done. So he does it and gets her on the phone and gets the address. I re-join the line and thankfully by then the guy I went to is gone on break and so I get a new guy who had no clue what happened before so I got through just fine. Heart attack number 1 adverted.

Next was security. I Put Hayley in the bin first, then my carry on and the stroller. I was watching the lady looking at the x-ray screen and she was laughing and pointing at the screen to the guy next to her. She then called over another lady and the two of them were giggling and pointing. Then she whispers something to the lady she called over and I hear the lady she called over say "You really want me to swab the doll?" So she grabs the bin and moves it over and asks if it's mine and then slams in down onto another bin and Hayley flops around. I tell her yes it's mine and to please be careful because she's expensive. So she swabs Hayley and sends me on my way!

So then I sat a cafe by my gate waiting to board. I asked the gentleman working at the gate about checking my stroller and the gate and he said it was no problem. Then a few minutes later he came right up to me and tagged my stroller and when it was time to start boarding he came up to me first and had me go first before he started boarding everyone else LOL. So I go to the end of the tunnel and the lady standing there says to fold up the stroller so they can put it on the plane. I'm trying to do this with Hayley in the snugli so Hayley ends up flopping and it's obvious now she isn't real. The lady doesn't say anything though and so I go to my seat. Just before take off the lady comes up to me and says "Mam that's a baby doll right?" I said yes and she goes, "Ok because they keep telling me it's real and so I needed to double check."

So then I had to switch planes in Minneapolis. That plane took off late. I was in the second row and a man was sitting next to me. The lady knew Hayley was a doll but I had Hayley covered so everyone couldn't see. Well this one man asks her about infants on board and the lady says to him "There are no infants on board." Just as she said that the man sitting next to me gave me a sideways look. LOL!

When I landed in Fargo Nicole and Brian where there to meet me. When we got back to their house Nicole showed me to the room I was going to stay in and she had my Christmas present on the bed. It was an AA Dark BTIO and a bag full of baby items and a monkey with a heating pad in it. I named the BTIO Brayden. Nicole had also given me a new snugli so while I was there I sold my old one. We then went out to dinner with Nicole's friends for Nicole and Brian's anniversary.

Saturday Nicole and I went shopping. I spent way too much money in the first day. I bought monkey burp cloths, baby clothing, 3 hoodies and 2 t-shirts from Avril Lavigne's Abby Dawn clothing line (we don't have them out here), crafting and scrapbooking items and lots more. Nicole and I had the babies with us and mainly just got odd looks. At Hobby Lobby Nicole went to one cashier and I went to another. Mine asked if I was doing a parenting class and I said yes. She was saying how when her daughter had one for school is drove her nuts. She asked me if my baby was good. I said yes. She said her daughter's was in colic mode or something and cried all the damn time. She asked how long I had her so I said a day and a half. She's like "Get rid of her on Monday?" and I said yes. Nicole's cashier wouldn't shut up. She went on and on about when her daughter had one too. And how she had to baby-sit and the baby cried for a half hour and she could not figure it out so she had to call her daughter and her daughter called the teacher and the teacher had to come and shut it off. The lady asked Nicole where she got the doll because she's never seen them in the summer before and all this stuff. It was funny. Then when we were in the elevator at JC Penny's there was two elder men in the elevator with us and one man was saying how cute my baby was. Then as I pulled off the elevator he realized it was a doll. Well Nicole had Trysten in the travel system so you couldn't see her. So the man points to my stroller and says "Her's a doll" and then points to Nicole's and says, "But hers is real." Nicole and I got off the elevator and laughed.

Sunday we did a bit more shopping. We went to Once Upon a Child and a few other places. Nicole got me hooked on Army Wives on Sunday night.

Monday afternoon we went to the zoo. Got some funny looks at the hot dog stand. We also went on the carousel with our babies. That was fun. I laughed my ass off the entire time.

Tuesday we left the house at 6:30am to make the 4 hour drive to Minneapolis. First we went to Babies R Us where I bought a webkinz monkey. We also went to IKEA again. I bought more than I intended to there as well. I got toy pots and pans and utensils for my future kid...the prices were great.

Then it was off to the Mall of America. We had fun there. We went to Build A Bear. We originally wanted to go to Friends 2B Made so I could get more clothes for the doll I made there at the last meet-up and so I could maybe make another doll but we were sad to find out that Friends 2B Made are no longer around. :( So I made a monkey a Build A Bear and named it Brittany in memory of my cousin.

We then spent a long time in the American Girl store. I took tons of pictures! I wanted one so badly but couldn't justify spending that when I'd already spent most of my cash for the week. So I settled on buying a mini Julie. Then we went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant to go to their gift shop and take pics of it for Aleks. Then we went to the race car simulator for Brian. While waiting for him I was looking through the American Girl catalog and thinking about how I could get one. It was either ask Aleks to get me one for Christmas or when I get home return the home school wedding planner course I ordered. Well since I need a driver's license to be a wedding planner I know I wouldn't be getting into the field for at least a year so I figured I can return the course material and get a refund and re-order it when I'm ready. That would put almost $800 back on my credit card. So I decided to get an American Girl on Credit Card. So we went back to the store. I ended up getting Julie. So Hayley has mini Julie and I have big Julie. I also got her an extra outfit and eye glasses and the lady talked me into buying her accessories too. The whole time I was paying I kept saying "My husband is going to kill me." LOL

We also got pics with the Shrimp from Bubba Gump, pics with Dora and pics with Pablo from Backyardagans. We also put Hayley and Trysten on a kiddie merry-go-round.

Then we headed over to Sonic to have dinner with Cynthia. It was so nice to see her again. And she brought her Yorkie with her. His name is Gizmo. I fell in love with him. We hung out for an hour a half I think. Then we headed back to Fargo. We got back at 3am.

Wednesday we slept in and went to a couple of stores and to Nicole's mom's for dinner.

Thursday I made my first tied fleece blanket and made a few mistakes on it lol. I should have listened to Nicole and tried a baby sized blanket first lol. Oh well. In the evening we went Bonanzaville. I bought a Lamp Chop doll quilt in their gift shop. It was very cute. We also painted these tiny canvas bags we found at the craft store.

Friday we used fabric paint on the bibs from IKEA. We also made bath time ducks from face cloths. I did mine first and it took me 3 hours to make it and it looked horrible! lol I called mine Demented Duck. Nicole made hers and called hers Ugly Duckling. I had intended to make and sell and a bunch of these ducks but after making one I want nothing to do with that craft again. LOL. I threw out the pattern and instructions right away!

Friday night we went to see The Wiz at Trollwood. It was AMAZING!!! It was all high school kids but it was sooooo professional. It really reminded me of my high school and their music theatre program.

Friday night I packed up everything. I had to buy a duffle bag because not everything would fit into my suitcase and backpack. Thank God I could check two bags for free. Even then I still was unable to take the stroller and carseat toys Nicole gave me and the doll boxes for Brayden and Julie. They are going to be shipped to me.

Coming back security was much better. The lady had to swab Hayley but was so nice to me. She just asked me questions about the doll and what all it does and if I thought the program was helpful. She kept looking at Hayley and smiling. She said she was so cute and was handling her with care.

I had a good time. But reactions were better with a larger group. I hope more people can attend the next one.