A Message From The President

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write about something I read in Doll Talk. Someone was posting all the many reasons adults love having and playing with dolls.

For those who don't understand, perhaps this will help. Many of us have baby dolls to a fill some sort of void in our lives. Some of us have had bad childhoods and want to make up for it. Some of us have had a child that we've lost and we have a baby doll to help ease the pain. Some of us our lonely or feel lost and we find comfort in holding a baby in our arms. Some of us have had so many losses in our lives that we get baby dolls who are permanent. They will never leave us. Some of us suffer from depression and find joy in playing. Some of us love children and babies but don't have any of our own as of yet, many of us are still too young to have a child. In this case, turning to a doll to fill the void of not having a child is a responsible choice. We are not bringing a live child into the world at a time where we are not fully ready to raise one with all the things that child needs. If we're too young to have a real child and too old to play with dolls...what else do we have? I don't think there is such an excuse as "too old" to do anything! The sky is the limit. Caring for a doll does not make you abnormal or childish. You are taking care of you. You are finding happiness. You are being responsible. Some of us become addicted to collecting dolls and have hundreds and some of us have a small collection of dolls or even just one. In any case, there are worse ways we could be filling our void. Worse ways we could find happiness. Many of those ways are harmful to us and others, such as drugs, alcohol, etc.

So I got to thinking...I really do hope to see our members buying stuff from our group's store. Please pass the web address along to anyone you know who might be interested. I'm going to put a link to the store on our web site as well as have it listed on Cafepress.com. Hopefully cafepress shoppers can find our store and thus find out about our group. Same goes for the products. If members buy them and use them, they will be letting others know of our group. I'm pretty sure there are tons of people who love these dolls as much as we do and I feel that if the word gets about it to more people, then maybe one day, hopefully soon, it won't be thought of as odd or abnormal...do you know what I mean? I mean, take for example Tamagotchis and other virtual pets and how popular they were with not only kids but with adults too. During that time, when I went out I saw tons of people with them and many of them were adults. I even saw a girl in the mall once that was a virtual pet baby-sitter and she had about 20 of them around her neck that she was taking care of for people while they shopped. Nobody thought this was abnormal. I loved those virtual pets, but they are only a picture on a screen, you cannot hold them and rock them and care for them like you can a BTIO or Neonate. Seems to me that if someone wants virtual life, Neonates and BTIOs are the BEST way to go. They are the most realistic.

The same thing happened with Furby. Everyone, including adults had them and yet no one thought that was weird. Perhaps because they were a craze! Well, I think BTIOs and Neonates and lifelike dolls, such as reborns, Ashton Drakes and such should be the next craze! I know the are expensive dolls, but maybe if more people buy them, somehow they would become more available to the public. It's a hard job and process but I think we're up to the challenge! Let's not hide our passion any longer! Let the world know!

President and Founder