Tips For Both Types Of Neonates/BTIOs

1) If you would like to have a soother fit in your baby's mouth, it's very easy to do. Go out and buy a soother marked 0-3 months. Then carefully start cutting the rubber (nipple) down. After each cut, try fitting the soother in the mouth. If it still doesn't fit. Try cutting it more. Keep cutting until the soother fits! :) Also, itís just been brought to my attention that if you lightly lick the soother (donít over wet it) it will stay in your Neonateís mouth better.

Another tip, if you can't get scissors into the small space to cut it down enough try using nail clippers.
Another modified soother. Use two earth magnets. Put one inside the head by the mouth and the other by cutting off the nib on the soother and gluing the other magnet in it. It holds much better. Caution must be taken when using strong magnets like these though. *Can't be done on electronic babies*
A modified soother made easy. Cut the nib off and use a small bit of Poster Putty and stick on the doll's mouth. So far, from what I've heard, it doesn't harm the doll's mouth.

2) Had your Neonate for a while and it's losing it's baby powder scent? Or do you just want extra baby powder scent? It's very easy to do. Buy some baby powder and lightly sprinkle it on the baby's clothes and rub it in. And now you Neonate should smell like baby powder.
One of our members has confirmed that it is ok to put baby powder on Neonates skin as well as use Baby Wipes. It does not have any bad effects on the dolls. Itís been found to be good at removing dirt or oil from yours or the Neonateís skin. That way, the baby powder scent is refreshed because the wipes are baby powder scented. To put baby powder on...I find it's best to put it on your hand and rub it into your skin a bit first then rub it on the baby. If you don't do this you will find the white powder is hard to rub in. You can also use baby powder scented lotion. Put a small dab of lotion on your hand and rub both of your hands together until it is almost into your skin, but not toally and then rub it on the baby's head, body, arms, legs, etc...

3) Having trouble finding clothes to fit your Neonate? Though the company says you can buy clothes 0 to 6 months...I have found the best fit to be 0-3 months. Check out K-Mart for sizes XS and 0-1 month and these fit the Neonates perfectly. Also apparently size 1 month fits perfectly as well. Preemie size fits well too. Or print out these measurements and carry them with you along with a measuring tape.

4) Not sure about shoe sizes? Try size 0 or size 1. Not all shoes are the same and if it is made for a wide foot around the toe area it will look too loose. If you buy tie shoes or buckle it is better for adjustment around the ankle, which is very tiny. Also if you buy these with Velcro on the straps, make sure the Velcro is long enough on the strap towards the inside of the ankle otherwise it will be too loose and it will fall off and you'll lose the shoe. Any baby shoe that buttons must have a short strap or a way to move the button over or it will also be too loose and fall off her foot. Look for more narrow shoes that aren't too wide in the toe area.
Ashton Drake Real Touch babies tend to have bigger feet and most of the time fit better into size 1 shoes.

5) Are you still looking for a cheep car seat? I would try a used childrenís store, a second hand store, or a discount store. You can also use google to find a freecycle in your area. This is a place where people wanting things or wanting to get rid of things, posts what they are giving away or want. If you want a car seat post it in there and you just might get it for free. I did. Freecycle is for people to pass on things they no longer want or need to people who do need them for free so that they don't throw things into the garbage.

6) Never put any type of shoe on the baby without socks that have been washed or booties that have been washed.

7) Looking for a onesie that fits? Nicole and Manda say to buy Preemie sized Onesies.

8) Size 1 diapers work better on Real Care BTIOs and Electronic Neonates than newborns. They fit over their cloth diapers perfectly. The newborn ones you seem to have to move around a lot to get them on. The size 1 goes over perfect and are less hassle to get them off to change.

9) Are your Neonate's eyelashes coming lose? Have they fallen off completely? Well no need to fret! All you have to do is go to a craft store or the craft section of Wal-Mart and buy Aleens Tacky Glue and some gloss varnish. Then get a tooth pick. Put some glue on the tooth pick and carefully rub it on the eyelid (make sure not to touch the eyeball) and rub a bit on the eyelashes. Then with another tooth pick gently push the eyelashes back in place. Or use an Exacto knife's tip to push them between the eye and eyelid. Make sure not to get glue in the eyelashes. Then to seal it for extra hold, run a line of the varnish with a small paintbrush along the eyelid and even the whole eye itself. Use as little brush strokes as possible. Let it dry and your lashes will never fall off again and your dolls eyes will be protected and extra glossy and real looking.

10) Want to add hair to your baby? Buy a doll can find some on EBay by searching Reborn Wig and put the colour and size. The size is about 15. Use E6000 glue to put the wig on.

11) Eyelashes a bit bent out of shape? Use make up tools to fix that like an eyelash comb/brush. It works but sometimes you have to wet it a little. You should make sure the eyelash comb/brush is new or well washed so you don't get anything on your doll. You should also comb and brush the lashes back gently or the eyelashes might get pulled out.
If your eyelashes are falling out or are in bad shape...then maybe it's best to take them to a doll hospital instead of fixing it yourself. Or find a good reborn artist in your area or close by to have them fix it.

12) If you get any ink marks or anything go out and buy Oxy 5 acne cream. Put it on the spot and leave it on. For me I left it on for 24 hours then wash it off with mild soap and see if the mark was gone. The mark faded each time and after about a week or so of doing this the mark was gone. I would suggest putting the cream on the spot and leaving it on for two or 3 days (depending on how bad the mark is) and then wash it off with mild soap. If it's not gone yet, put the cream back on and leave again. Continue this until it's gone. Once the mark is gone, an ingredient in the cream stays in the vinyl and prevents it from getting dyed in that same spot again! :)

13) Want nails on your baby? Do you have an Ashton Drake baby who's nails are peeling off and want to fix them? It's very easy to do! Buy off white acrylic paint and some gloss varnish. Mix a bit of the varnish with the white paint. Use a fine point paint brush to tip the nails by making a white line at the tip of each nail. Let the tips dry about 10 to 20 minutes. Then buy some glass paint (a colour called Spring Rose). Use a very small paint brush to brush on a coat of the glass paint over the entire nail. Make sure to put it on it one, quick, clean swoop, so you don't get brush strokes. Let it dry for a couple hours. Once dry your baby will have nice nails that if handled with care, will stay put.

14) Want bracelets for your babies. Go to ebay and look up reborn baby bracelets or go to your local craft store and buy stretchy cord and some nice beads and you're all set.

15) Joints getting stiff? Purchase the lubricant from BTIO or save money and use baby oil. Take all the doll's clothes off and put a towel around his body to not drip any oil else wear and kind of around the joint to prevent running all over him. Put about 5 drops in each joint (I found it easier to do if you use a syringe to drop the baby oil in the joint) and turned it for about 30 seconds one way and 30 the other way. Let it lay there to dry for 24 hours. This should work, though it seems to only be a temporary fix I've found.