Nicole and Brian

"Hi, We are Brian and Nicole and we are married. We currently live in our little house with our two children and our "babies." We have three Neonates, seven Baby Think it Overs, and four other types of dolls.

Nicole fell in love with her BTIO back in high school and wanted one right away. She knew that the company would only sell to schools, so she just took it multiple times from the school. She luckily found out about Neonates a week before they went out of business. Brian ordered her one just in time. Skyler is their "miracle baby." We accumulated the rest over time.

Nicole used to take her dolls out from time to time until she became pregnant with their first child. Nicole says, "When taking them out I just figure if anyone has a problem with him it's their problem. I've told my mom that it's practice without the real thing. It's good for Brian and I to get in the habit of doing things as a family and taking care of a newborn."