What Parents Are Saying About Neonates

From: Carol **Neonates and Baby Think It Over Club Member**
Hi! My name is Carol. I have a daughter that is going to be 14 years old on the 9th of January. She wanted to do the Baby Think It Over program at her school. Her special ed teacher tried to get an ok for her to participate, but the teacher for that class said no because she wasnít in her health class. I found the Neonates on the net and bought her one for Christmas and of course I had to have one too. I am one of those ladies who loves dolls. I do like to assemble vinyl doll kits such as Apple Valley Kits and I make cloth dolls as a hobby. I have always loved dolls and probably always will. My daughter took her doll to school to show the kids, but mostly got negative comments. Maybe some of the kids felt envious or something. They kept asking the teacher when they were getting their doll. It was explained that doll wasnít from the school and it caused some hard feelings with some of the kids so the teacher said to be sure she didnít bring the doll again. I told the teacher that she would not bring it again; she just wanted to show them one time. My daughter, Angelica told me that her baby is special and she doesnít have to give hers back like she would if they had let her do the program at school. She only has a couple friends outside of school and they arenít really interested in these dolls and she needs some friends that she has something in common with. That is why I hope to start a Neonates Club if there is anyone in San Bernardino California that has a Neonate doll and are interested in forming a club. I want to say thank you to Mary Ann for her letter in this parent section. I had Angelica read it in hopes that she would feel better about wanting one of these dolls. I do appreciate your insight in this matter. Since we both have a doll we have been spending some quality time together and playing with our babies and she has enjoyed it. She has a Caucasian girl named Savana and I have an African-light skinned girl named Tameara Noel. My daughter's doll has a whopper of a name so I only put her first name and if she wants to write a letter and put in her dolls complete name then she can. I hope to see a lot more letters from other moms, grandparents and kids, because I sure do enjoy reading them. Thanks so much to the people at Selu Spirit, Inc. for all their kindness and help. A special thanks to Sheila for all of her patience and help with getting my doll to me due to the Postal Service problems. She only had one doll in the Light-Skinned African girl left and she saved it for me in spite of the money order getting lost in the mail and taking a long time for overnight mail to get to her. I love black dolls, they are my favorite and she saved her just for me and I am so grateful for her kindness. I Praise GOD for my special baby because to me, she is a special gift from GOD, to me for Christmas! GOD BLESS all of you and have a Happy New Year!

From: Mary Ann
I had to respond to some of the comments kids say about their neonates. I can't help myself! I know I am on the site already, but as an educator, I think parents might be interested in my observation:

I have been an educator for over 20 years. While reading the kids responses on this website, I have become acutely aware of how these girls remind me of myself. I was (and still am!) a maniac doll collector--or so my mother would have me believe. There is no explaining the mystery of loving dolls, except usually it shows a great nurturing spirit.

Anyway, I grew up, lived in Eastern Europe for two years while on leave from my teaching job, then returned stateside and what else? ADOPTED A BABY FROM CHINA. For the past two years we have been collecting dolls of all ethnicities. As she grows older, though, I realize my doll-love is still there. So today I got back into the neonate website to pick out a doll expressly for me.

Why am I writing this? While reading all of the kids' entries (girls from 12-20), it occurred to me that neonates serve an incredible purpose. First, the mission of the company is to teach children to responsibly care for and nurture a baby. I wonder if parents who are helping (or conceding to) buy these neonates realize that their daughters are less likely to have a teen pregnancy BECAUSE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO NURTURE A DOLL, and are NOT ASHAMED OF IT, even at their age. What they are getting is the experience of seriously caring for a baby. They are going to be more likely to wait until adulthood to take on the responsibility of a real baby. I never took motherhood less than very, very seriously...even as a teen. Perhaps that is why I, too, was buying dolls though my friends thought I was nuts. Not a day goes by that I am not glad I waited until my 40s to become a mom. I got to do all the things a woman would ever want to do (have great adventures) and saved the greatest adventure--parenting--for last. Not all moms need to do it that way, but by LETTING OUR DAUGHTERS nurture dolls--and support these efforts! --we do a great service to not only them, but also our future grandchildren.

Thanks, Selu Spirit, Inc., for having the vision for this and providing such a great outlet for girls who want to be girls yet long to be moms. I say to these teens, love on your neonates and don't be fooled by anyone jeering you--you are the wisest of all.

From: Laura
My daughter was preparing to have a baby in the summer of 2001. I was surfing the Internet and came across the neonates website and thought that getting her one would help her be even more prepared for the baby. I ordered the doll and when it arrived I wrapped the box in wrapping paper and went over to her house to give it to her. When she opened the box she was so excited! She picked up he baby and asked me where I got it. I told her where and said she could dress it in the clothes she had bought for her baby, but I had gotten some accessories to go along with the doll. The rest of the day she fed the baby, changed the baby, and rocked the baby. She loved the doll like it was her own baby! After the baby came she still tended for the doll as well. Her baby girl and boy are doing just fine!!!

From: Charlotte
My daughter is 17 and loves her little neonate baby. She takes him everywhere, willingly packing and carrying a diaper bag along with her. She took care of a baby think it over doll before she found out about Neonates, and unlike most teenagers she wanted to buy the doll from the school, when they didn't let her she went on the Internet to find one. She found Neonates and for about six months she asked me to help buy one. I told her she had to buy it herself, and she did. She received her Native American little boy, and hasn't let him go since. She dresses him everyday and takes care of him. She even took him to school to show everyone. I want to thank you for making my daughter's dream come true by putting these dolls out as toys. I even play with him sometimes they are such fun. Thank you.

From: Charlotte
I had a mosses basket draped and lined in pink plaid flannel made to put little Anna Marie (our neonate) in for her Christmas surprise. Santa left her on the hearth near the stockings with a note pinned to the cover that said he had been searching for the perfect mother for this poor little Latino baby who had been orphaned in Mexico AND out of all the little girls our daughter's name shown like a beacon of light, being the devoted mother to her older doll, he was now entrusting Anna Marie in her care.... she read the note and uncovered the mosses basket and the joy on her face continues to dazzle even in memory. She was beyond thrilled and now takes Anna Marie everywhere with her. Everyone asks Mary Charlotte all the time where she got Anna Marie...she always tells the above story with the biggest smile on her face you have ever seen.

From: Marie
Hi, MY NAME IS Marie. MY DAUGHTER SHE DIDN'T like baby dolls as a little girl. . Last November we went to my friendís home for a long weekend and my daughter she was fourteen. My friend daughter she was ten and she had TWINS neonates on the first day I thought my daughter she was just being nice and she did ask the little girl if she wanted help taking care of her babies and they went to her room. About an hour later I went to bring snacks to them, her room it was big a half look just like real baby room and there was my daughter who loves sports and cars she was rocking and feeding a doll and looking happy. The next day we was going to a mall and the little girl she was bringing only one baby and my daughter ask may I bring the other baby they had to get the other baby ready to go. We were home few days and my daughter said she thinks about getting neonates for herself I said it's your money so we went to our computer and picked out her baby who name is Melissa. Well it is July now and my daughter still is in love with her baby she takes Melissa out with her most of the times and I am okay with that but I make her to bring a diaper bag with her. About the only place that my daughter she doesn't take Melissa is to school. Sometimes when I am home and she is at school I can't help myself from putting Melissa in a blanket and rocking and feeding her myself and if I am picking Ann from school I will bring Melissa if we have to go somewhere and I do dress her if she had night things on. Thank you for making these nice babies. The only thing that I would like to see is on your web site having somewhere that girls Ann age somewhere they could talk. Ann says sometimes she feels dumb being fourteen and loves playing mother I know she would feel better if she could have some girls who like playing with their neonates like they were real babies. I work four to twelve so the time on the note is right. I just heard Ann go the bathroom. I would bet she does change Melissaís diaper and feed her and walk her back to sleep.

Thank you

From: M Winters
I am a Neonate "parent" and "grandparent." My three year old and I have ended up "adopting" triplet Japanese Neonates! My daughter is adopted from China; the Japanese Neonate looks a bit like she did. She loves to hold the electronic baby, but gets a bit concerned when the baby gets distressed. She is so attentive when I take over and find out what the baby needs.

Our traditional babies have two differences...mine has no eyelashes (I took them off) and hers does. When her preschool friends comes over, she and I "trade" babies...that way, when they want to play with the doll, my daughter has no fear that the eyelashes will be taken off. We love all of the babies and I have enjoyed smocking bonnets for them. Already my daughter is learning what it is like to love and cherish a baby--like I did her! I especially appreciate the serene look on the Neonates' lifelike faces. Their skin color is the most natural of any doll I have seen. Thanks for the best doll on the market...and, as a serious doll collector, I have seen them all!

I need to add that the service I've received from your company has been exceptional. You are more interested in teaching children how to become good parents than you are in thriving as a business. What a wonderful change from most businesses!!

From: N. Coconate
I am having so much fun with my twin neonates. I have to tell you the latest. My Aunt asked me if I would go with her to the doctors. An appointment she was not eager to go to. She is in her 70's and last year had open-heart surgery and three bypasses. Well, two of her valves collapsed and she had to go through those uneasy test again. Knowing how worried she was I brought my little neonate.

She laughs every time one of them coos or starts to cry. Having to walk through the hospital was something else. Everyone wanted to touch the doll. They all had to take a double look at it to make sure it was not a real baby.

While we were waiting in the room. I turned the doll on I had her feed it. She loves to hear it burp. We ended up waiting for an hour until the doctor came in. Playing with the doll helped to pass the time and lower her anxiety level. The doctorís nurse could not wait to ask about the doll or to try her hand at playing with it.

These dolls can truly lower the anxiety levels.