Past Poll Results

Have you taken your neonate/btio out?

Yes, my baby goes almost everywhere I go!... (2 votes) 20%
Yes, but usually my baby stays at home... (3 votes) 30%
Once or a few times, I'll do it again!... (2 votes) 20%
Once or a few times, I don't think I'll do it again... (2 votes) 20%
Nope... (1 vote) 10%

What do you like about the electronic neonates?

You can turn it off and on whenever you want... (9 votes) 56.25%
It saves on batteries... (3 votes) 18.75%
It doesn't wake you up at night... (1 vote) 6.25%
You don't have to worry about it crying if you have to leave it at home... (3 votes) 18.75%

If you have an electronic Neonate...what don't you like about it?

That it's hard to find clothes that fit just right... (1 vote) 5%
That it's not on a real infant schedule... (7 votes) 35%
That it's more heavy than the traditional neonates... (1 vote) 5%
That it sometimes gets stuck in the same sequence in PLAY mode... (4 votes) 20%
That the speaker is in the middle of it's chest (it could be on the back or something)... (5 votes) 25%
That you can't turn it's head from side to side... (4 votes) 20%

If you have an Electronic Neonate which do you use more?

PLAY mode... (4 votes) 36.36%
SHOW mode... (2 votes) 18.18%
I use both equally... (2 votes) 18.18%
I don't really use the electronic part too much to be honest... (3 votes) 27.27%

It seems like most Electronic Neonate owners want it to be on a real infant schedule like BTIO. You want that even if it would wake you up at night?

Yes I want the full experience... (4 votes) 28.57%
I could deal with it... (1 vote) 7.14%
Yes but it should still have the off switch so it doesn't do that, just infant schedule when it's turned on... (9 votes) 64.29%

Does anyone with an electronic neonate have an opinion on how well the dolls work compared to the BTIO dolls?

Works just fine... (1 vote) 14.29%
No problems... (3 votes) 42.86%
Some problems... (1 vote) 14.29%
works a little differently... (2 votes) 28.57%

Would you take your baby/babies on vacation with you this spring and summer?

Yes definately... (11 votes) 68.75%
No, definately not... (3 votes) 18.75%
Maybe if my parents agreed... (2 votes) 12.50%

How often do your BTIO babies cry?

every 2 minutes... (0 votes) 0%
every few hours... (2 votes) 20%
randomly... (8 votes) 80%

Do you think the Neonates and BTIO dolls should have been made with actual hair?

Yes... (2 votes) 11.11%
No... (1 vote) 5.56%
Yes, it would make them more realistic, but my Neonate or BTIO is still perfect hair or not... (12 votes) 66.67%
No, it would completely ruin the doll's features... (3 votes) 16.67%

What month did you get your Neonate(s) and BTIO(s)?

January... (2 votes) 12.50%
February... (5 votes) 31.25%
March... (2 votes) 12.50%
April... (2 votes) 12.50%
May... (0 votes) 0%
June... (1 vote) 6.25%
July... (0 votes) 0%
August... (0 votes) 0%
September... (2 votes) 12.50%
October... (0 votes) 0%
November... (1 vote) 6.25%
December... (0 votes) 0%
I can't remember... (1 vote) 6.25%

Where did you get your Neonate or BTIO from?

E Bay... (4 votes) 23.53%
A Gift... (3 votes) 17.65%
Other... (0 votes) 0%
I don't remember... (1 vote) 5.88%
The website... (9 votes) 52.94%

What have the majority of responses been to your neonate, BTIO or other doll?

Mostly positive comments... (9 votes) 56.25%
Mostly negative comments... (0 votes) 0%
Not sure cause not many know about my "baby"... (4 votes) 25%
A combination of positive and negative... (3 votes) 18.75%

Do your parents think you are nuts for having your doll(s)?

Yes and they let me know it every chance they get!... (4 votes) 30.77%
I think so, but they don't really show it... (2 votes) 15.38%
No they fully support me and think it's better than me having a real baby I'm not ready for... (5 votes) 38.46%
My parents support me but I don't think they get it... (1 vote) 7.69%
I don't think they really care... (1 vote) 7.69%

Do you wish Neonates eyes would close when layed on their backs? (make them look like they are really asleep!)

Yes, would be a great idea!... (4 votes) 36.36%
No, not a very good idea!... (7 votes) 63.64%

Have you got a stroller for your baby/babies?

yes... (3 votes) 25%
No, but I'm geting one soon... (3 votes) 25%
No, I take my baby out in her/his car seat... (3 votes) 25%
No, I won't get one either... (3 votes) 25%

Does anyone in this group have living children/babies?

yes... (6 votes) 28.57%
No... (2 votes) 9.52%
No, but my doll is like my real child... (4 votes) 19.05%
Hopefully one day... (9 votes) 42.86%

When you take your babies out do you...

Use a Snugli? (2 votes) 10.53%
Carry him or her? (9 votes) 47.37%
Take a carrier/car seat? (6 votes) 31.58%
Take a stroller? (2 votes) 10.53%