About The People Who Created Neonates

Selu Spirit Inc. started from another company - Baby Think It Over, Inc. Rick and Mary Jurmain invented infant simulators and began the company. The infant simulators are computerized to mimic patterns of real infants for sleep and care needs. The original development was to assist in reducing teen pregnancy. Rick and Mary, then parents of two young children, felt that if teenagers really understood how having an infant would affect their lifestyles (and their sleep!), teens would decide to postpone having children until they were better prepared for the demands.

What started with a basic concept grew into the Baby Think It Over Program as it is sold today. Schools and youth groups throughout the world use the Program to better prepare their youth for parenting as well as reducing the teen pregnancy rate.

The infant simulators are so realistic that they are often mistaken for real babies. When teens take them home, family members marvel at their realism. Baby Think It Over has received many calls over the years from people who wish to purchase them as a collectible or toy doll.

On May 1, 2000, The Jurmains joined with SR Oium, Mary's sister, to form Selu Spirit. Selu Spirit sells the dolls; Baby Think It Over sells the infant simulators. Mary is the president of Baby Think It Over and oversees its day-to-day operations. SR is the president of Selu Spirit and runs its operations. The two companies are truly "sister" companies.

The goal of Selu Spirit is more than simply selling dolls. Mary and SR envision a website, doll, and accessories that provide children with knowledge of parenting skills long before using the Baby Think It Over infant simulators. When children play with dolls, they are emulating parents. Even at a young age they can learn basic information about caring for an infant. The accessories that are sold have information about infants and how choices for that accessory affect the infant.

Unfortunately Selu Spirit closed on February 7th, 2003.

About the name

Selu the name of the Cherokee corn goddess. She is sometimes called "first woman." She is often used to symbolize women's issues and interests. Mary Jurmain and SR Oium, the sisters who founded Selu Spirit, are interested in researching their Cherokee heritage and the name Selu Spirit seemed very appropriate for the new company.