Question of the Week #1

To those who have Electronic Neonates, how do you use the electronic part? How often do you turn it on, which mode do you use more of, how do you use them, etc...
For those with Traditional Neonates, even though yours doesn't cry and stuff, how do you make the experience with it realistic?


For Sky I change his dippers, give him his pacie, hold him like a newborn, buckle him in the seat and buckle the seat in the car, take his bag when we leave the house, and many more things. I think the only things I don't do is burp or feed.

On weekends I usually takes care of Nadine Alicia as if she was on infant schedule. But on weekdays I turn her on "play" when I get home from school and replies to two or three cries. If she hasn't been fed and changed I'll put her on show afterwards. I also change her clothes.
And at night I put her on "show", give her a sponge bath, change her diaper, put on her sleeper, feed and burp her and put her to bed:0) By infant schedule I mean; Feed her and change her every three to four hours, put her to sleep between, play and rock her and all that:0)
I also like feeding her in the show mode . But if the feeding period in play mode was longer, cause it's more real when you have to give her the bottle to make her calm down.
I wish I could respond more to her needs...cause when she's in play mode she requires something after two minutes, and after a diaper change I like using some more time than two minutes to get her dressed! So you have to hurry between the cries.

For me, sometimes I don't even use the electronic part. But if I's normally in the morning when I wake up. I put PLAY mode on and tend to one of two cries, then put her on SHOW and dress her. Then I normally do the same at night as well.
I have considered turning it on every 2 to 4 hours to make it more like BTIO. Does anyone here do that?
Neonates said they made it a rapid schedule because kids would get bored waiting around. But I figure since most owners of electronic Neonates are 13 and older...they would perfer a longer period of time between cries so that it's more real. I know what you mean...sometimes I have not finished dressing her after a diaper change and she starts crying again. So what I tend to do is turn her one PLAY mode, tend to one of two cries then put her on show mode. Because she turns herself off after 20 minutes of no movement, I sometimes leave her on show mode so it's like she's making sounds while going to sleep for a nap. I love her cough! :)

I treat my neonate like a real baby. I hold him a lot, I change his clothing a lot, and I also groom and pamper him a lot too.