Question of the Week #10

How did you pick a name for your doll?


I Named my Jamal after the character on the soap Port Charles.....Jamal on port Charles is also a light skinned African person…and plus I just love the name...

Skyler Nicholas- Because I love the name Sky for a boy and Nicholas because my best friend's name is really Nicole, but we call her Soup. She was the one that I found out really bought him for me.
Jayden Sydney- I was looking at baby names and really just liked the sound of those two names put together. There is no really rhyme or reason why I picked that name.
Olivia Sadiez- Brian and I both liked the name Mercedes, but someone already had the name so we were at first thinking Sadies for the first name. We couldn't deside on what here middle name should be. Then Olivia was one of the names that I had frist came up with and really like that name also. Brian liked the name, but Sadiez Olivia didn't sound right, so we revirsed the names and both really liked the name.
and I can't forget Baby Brian- Because when I saw him sitting on the shelf in the mall he reminded me of Brian. I had never seen any baby pictures of Brian but just guess it was what he looked like when he was a baby...When we were in Texas and I fanaly saw some I was right about the doll looking like him.

I picked my name from the R&B singer Aaliyah becuz she was such an insperation. She was African American (so is my baby) and she was talented and kind thats why i picked my babys name to be aaliyah oh and Aaliyah was soo beautiful and was truely and angel and i believe that about my lil aaliyah too!

My baby girl Nadine Alicia was born on September 12th 2001, the day after the terrorist attacks. I was really sad for what had happened, and I searched trough to find names that I liked and that meant something positive. Nadine means "hope" or "hopeful" so that was perfect for her! Alicia means "truthful" which is a quality I value. And I also added America as a second middle name in memory of the lives lost in America the day she came to Norway (she came her on sept 11th, and to my post office at the 12th).
My new berenguer's name will be Emma Kamea. I think Emma is such a cute name (it means "universal"), but it's very common too. SO, to give her a more special name I found the Hawaiian name "Kamea" which means "precious one". I also thought about calling her Emma Camilla, but Camilla is very common name here. I love it though;)

I choose the name Kiara, one because I like it, but also because I did coop in high school in a toddler room and there was this little girl named Kiara, and she adored me so much and I thought she was the cutest little thing... so yeah. I choose the middle name Grace because this guy I really really like (Krystle you know who that is...) was going to name is daughter Grace, but unfortunately the baby was never born, long sad story, and so I thought in honour of him I would add that as a middle name. As for the last name, I gave her my crushes last name, Williams, just because I wish to be Mrs. Williams one day, and I think the as a whole "Kiara Grace Willaims" sounds a lot better than "Kiara Grace Bruneau" see???

I chose Hayley because I've been watching All My Children since when I was in Grade 5 the character Hayley first appeared on the show and she is played by Kelly Ripa of Kelly and Regis! Anyway, I loved her character and for about the first year she was on the show I idolized her. I met her twice and people said we looked like sisters which just thrilled me lol. Anyway, it stucked with me and since Grade 5 I've said my first daughter will be Hayley and so that's why I named my neonate Hayley. Now I just need a midle name. It's hard to find one that goes well with Hayley. I gave her Carter as her last name because it's my crushes last name, and same as Denise, I wish to be Mrs. Carter! lol...I highly doubt I will be though. So yeah! That's my story!

I chose Torrence Eugene. Because Torrance is off of BRING IT ON. But in the movie it's a girl. So Torrence <-- Looks more boy-ish. And Eugene is my Fiance sooo... I want to pass his name onto my little boy.. because his father is Eugene Albert Wilkinson Sr. And then My fiance is Eugene Albert Wilkinson Jr. AND THEN his son is Eugene Albert Wilkinson III. So My "Doll" and real baby will be called Eugene somewhere in his name. And i got ShaKira because my mother likes Kira and that is what my name was going to be but my father didn't like it so... I just added the SHA on there because it sounded cute and well if the war is still going on when i get pregnant and stuff and if it a girl it will be name Americus and i got that from WHERE THE HEART IS and and Nicole ... Americus Nicole... the nicole is my middle name and Gene wants the little girl to be called Jennifer Nicole but i really don't like the Jennifer so ... we are going to use mine and his name.. put together that we both like ;0)

My parents are both from South America from the country of Guyana. In that country they have lots of Native Americans but they call them Amerindians. My mom is half Amerindian and African American and my grandmother is fully Amerindian. That means I'm mixed with about 1/4 Amerindian. The name of the tribe my grandmother Whelimina is from is called the Arawak tribe. My Native American boy neonate Arawak's name originates from my grandmothers and my mothers Amerindian Tribe.

I named Chloe aftre the character on general hospital "Chloe" She was a nice charactor and I like the name Chloe. For Cammie I liked the name "Cammie" That was my great grandma's' little sisters' name.

Trevan'z name just came to me one day.

I went to and searched through their list, They had/have this thing where you can save all your favorites. When I had finished going through the lists i printed my favorites out and put it in a bowl picking three at a time and discarding 2 until there was one left, Jordan Noah.