Question of the Week #11

What types of reactions have you had from people regarding your Neonate, BTIO or other realistic doll?


Everyone who has seen them has been favorable reaction in that they look so real, and for the electronic neonate, how cute she sounds when she coughs or hiccups, etc. I have never told anyone how much I paid for them, it's my business. We all know how cruel some people can be with their opinions.

Some positive, but only a few ppl know about cammie or chloe.


Today I took Jayden shopping with my grandma and I today. He went to order my wedding cake and grocery shopping. People just looked and either smiled or had a confused look on my face. After that we took him to Sam's Club. There people were just plain interested in him. They were all wanting to see what he looked like. He seemed to be a center of attention. The last place we went was Wal-mart. I had a blanket around him and was carying him. I had a stain on my shirt from where I had spilled some pop that I had for lunch. He had his new blue Gap blanket on. I was down an isle while my grandma was looking at microwaves. I set him down to go find someone to help get one down. There was an elderly lady in a wheel-chair at the end of the isle. I walked by her and she smiled. I got some one to help us and I wanted to go look at something and my grandma wanted to look at something different. I picked him up and was walking towards the lady again. She asked me if I had a girl. I politely told her that it was a boy. Then she asked if she could see him. I showed her him and she looked at him all confused. Then she was like "Is that a doll? Because it looks so life like if it is." She just loved him and was amazed how life like he was and how realistic they made him.