Question of the Week #13

Does anyone talk to the Neonates or BTIOs? Do you kiss and hug them?


Yeah, I admit it I talk to my dolls (in baby talk too)! Especially when Kylie goes off crying I just can't help it. I talk to her like she can understand me for her to calm down. Just an instinct I guess! I like to kiss their heads; I don't know why I just do! They are just so lifelike you know. Also I love to just hold them! Like I am comforting them.

I agree with Tammy...I talk to my babies all the time…and kiss their heads...its just natural I guess...I do it to my niece....did it to my nephews...I dunno...

Oh yes, I talk to them and give them lots of hugs and kisses every day!

I don't talk to Hayley often but I do sometimes. I tell her I'm going to get her ba-ba or soo soo LOL. But I always cuddle and kiss her. I either kiss her head or nose. LOL

Yeah I talk to Jay all the time. I kiss him a lot. I know I'll do the same to Olivia when I get her.

OF COURSE! That's one of the things that makes them seem more real!

I talk to Trevz all the time............ I give him lotz and lotz of kissez and hugz as much as possible.