Question of the Week #14

How spoiled are your Neonates/BTIOs?


Jayden is extremely spoiled. He has clothes (so many I don't know what to do with), a snugli, two car seats, a stroller, diapers, baby food(I like to eat it), bottles, a bag of toys, a doll crib(for the time being), he has a bunch of shoes, two diaper bags, and tons of blankets. His sister is spoiled already also. One of the car seats will be hers, a bunch of clothes, some blankets, bottles, toys, bibs, and she has a doll high chair.

VERY SPOILED!!! I cannot go in a store any more without heading to the baby section to see if I can find something for the girls. . . . They are very important to me and I want only the best for them :)

My Torrence, (When i get him) will be so spoiled. I know that it is not a real care baby but... I don't have that kinda money to spend right now so i will be content with a BTIO standard with the key. It is like 300 for a standard with the realistic head So i will just settle for the one that i am gonna get it will make me happy as well. :0) But when i get my little Torrence i will take him everywhere with me. Buy as much for him as i can. and carry him with me everywhere unless he is takin' a nap or something of course. :0)

I have tonz of clothez for a gurl (Angel), lotz of play clothez for Trevanz, cat seat, snugli, 3 diaper bagz (2 are the same cause I liked the blue better and the other I got it cause it was a little big and useful), lotz of shoez for both, some toyz (mostly have stuffed animalz in my room), tonz of bottlez and paciz, I'm soon to be gettin' a swing, and I don't know if I want a crib, cradle, bassinet, or a pack'n' play for the babiez.