Question of the Week #17

Have you ever noticed that Neonates/BTIOs have a soft spot on their head like a real baby?


Hmm I never noticed that my babies have a soft spot on their heads will have to check it out later and see....

It's not a whole lot noticeable but I just found that it's a bit more "squishy" in the middle you can't really do that in other areas of the head. I noticed it one day when I bathing her.

Yeah I noticed that before. It's also a little flat part too. Like a real baby will get cause it's always on it's back.

Yes I noticed that too! I can't believe how realistic they are. I wonder how they made the molds for the babies. Like are they from real babies or something? A lot of thought was put into these babies.

I never noticed that but I probably haven't paid any attention to it either :(

They do? That's interesting. Exactly where is it because I didn't have a clue that the Neonate/BTIO babies had a soft spot on their head.


You are so right, there is a soft spot on their heads. How interesting, I never noticed that before.