Question of the Week #18

What is the one thing you really want to get your baby(ies)? Pick only one thing!


I would love to get a little crib or bassinette for Hayley but I know I can't afford it, nor do I have the room for it.

I would like to get a Playpen with a bassinette and changing station. That way I could store their stuff on the bottom and they could sleep on the top. Maybe after awhile Brian will buy one for me. But I'd rather have Olivia first.

The one thing I really want to get my boys is a bassinette. It would be a great investment too since someday Blair and I plan on having real children.....well for now they do have a crib…It’s an old baby crib that has now been banned from the market because the bars are too far apart and babies were getting their heads stuck in the its not safe for a real baby...but it works out great for Jamal and Justin....

The one thing that I would like to get my "baby" would be... A good home. :0) I really want him so bad but I am going to be patient I have been waiting for a long time and few more weeks will not bother me I suppose :)

If I could have one thing for my Athena it would have to be a brother for her... I have wanted a baby boy for a very long time... an electronic one. To get her a baby brother would be the best "one thing" ever!

A stroller.

A bed a crib, cradle, bassinette, or a pack'n'play, one of those will do.

The one thing I would want for Arawak is a sister, another neonate or BTIO doll so he will not be the only one. This can benefit both of us then. I would like to get him a Japanese or African American sister.