Question of the Week #21

If you knew BTIO sold to Individuals would you have changed your mind and have saved more instead of getting your Neonate?


No, I wouldn't trade Skyler for anything in the world. My mom has tried talking me into selling him since I got Jayden, but I can't part with him. It's nice having a lighter baby than my BTIO, plus i just love the little eyelashes, I know Jay is going to have some, but it's not the same.

yeah I would've because for the 1st time I saw BTIO I fell in love with them and wanted one but couldn't :(........ but now I'm gettin' Angel and my "collection" is complete for right now :D

I love Kayden to death but I would def. have saved for a Real Care BTIO. The realer the baby the better.

I don't know...probably not...I like how you can turn him off if you can't take care of him.

No I still would have bought my Neonate. :)

Nope, I would have bought my neonate, and then saved more money for a btio.