Question of the Week #22

What is your favourite thing to do with your baby?


My favorite thing to do is take them shopping with me. I got a new stroller that my carseat snaps into, so it is much easier to take them to the mall. That is my favorite place to take them.
Nicole and Family

With Nadine, who is an electronic neonate, I like to feed her. And I also like to dress her and Emma and make them ready to take them out (even if I only bring them in the car).

I like to dress my babies and take lots and lots of pictures. I enjoy displaying my babies on the loveseat. And also enjoy caring them around the house (and places which isn't often).

My favorite thing to do with my babies is rocking them and singing to them. I find great comfort in doing that.

Take her placez she getz lotz of attention :)

My favorite thing to do with my babies is to take pics of them to share with all of you and other doll groups that I belong too...

I think my favorite thing to do with ShaKira would have to be, rocking her while caring for her. It's the bonding that goes on when a mother and her child sit alone and just look and watch each other. And I love to rock as well as swing. :0)

Well I have a few thingz I like to do with Trevz and the baby in my tummy.Trevz likez when we cuddle on my bed and read bookz together and sometimez he'll read to mommy and the baby and sometimez we sing kid'z/baby songz together and to the baby.