Question of the Week #23

What types of dolls do you have besides Neonates and BTIOs?


I have SOMSO hospital mannikin babies, Lee Middletons, Berenguers and Apple Valley, at least those i what i refer to as my babies. Then I also have some MagicAttic dolls and some porcelain dolls and i've started trying my hands on sculpting 18" girl dolls myself now too.

Oh what a great Question....The types of dolls I have besides Neonates and Baby think it over all..well all far as baby dolls go I have Lee middletons, a chou. Chou, some non reborn berenguers and berjusas, lets see what else LOL....Porcelain dolls babies, girls, boys, talking dolls, hard plastic dolls, vinyl dolls, cabbage Patch kids, My child dolls, Walking dolls....barbie and friends dolls....Baby so beautiful dolls...and more and more and more LOL...Hi I'm Heather and I'm a doll addict...and I don't wanna always you may see pics of my dolls in my dotphoto album...go to the username is dolliecrazy the password is trinicity...later tonight I plan on taking some more pics of Jamal, Justin and Sara....and when my parents come back from their vacation in the fall I'll go over there to take more pics of my other dollies....

I have lots of Zapf dolls, (included dolls like Baby Lou, Baby Born, chou chou's), at least one goetz doll, one electronic neonate, a reborn berenguer and expecting another one+++

I have so many dolls its hard to name them all. i have a gotz doll, lots of cabbage patch doll, probably about 10 little middletons, 2 reborn berenguers, a couple of berengueres that are not reborn, some american girl dolls, dolls I had when i was younger, and others that a don't really know what brand they are. I think that is it. lol