Question of the Week #24

What is your child's favourite toy?


ShaKira's Favorite toy is her Beanie Care Bear! It is BedTime Bear :) I know she was only born Almost ONLY 4 hours ago but she seems to love it :)

Jamal, Justin, Sara and Emily have their favorite toys..Jamal's is his Mickey mouse, Justin his Pooh bear, Sara her pink Bunny and Emily her white teddy bear that says its a girl on it...I bought it at the goodwill the day I got her..I didn't even think she'd be here yet but I wanted to get her that toy..well turns out when I got home the stork had left Emily on my door step she got her toy right away.

Trevz favorite toy is my Valentine'z Teddy but he also has a favorite book also GO! DOG GO!

Jayden's favorite toy is his stuffed Tigger. He sleeps with it everynight. Sadiez favorite toy is her dolly. It's a waterbaby. I got it at a second hand store. I'm thinking of getting Kenzie one. Sadiez is really good at sharing her baby with Kenzie. Kenzie's favorite toy is the bouncer. She plays so much in it that she plays herself to sleep. They are all really good at sharing.
Nicole and Family

Cherokee likes her stuffed bunny, Madison likes her duck rattle and Caleb likes his clown rattle.