Question of the Week #25

If and when you have a real baby, will you still care for your btio/neonate?


When Akira comez into the world in December........... yes I'll still take care of my Trevz (and when & if I get Angel).......... I might have 3 "babiez" to care for but I love my kidz.

Probably a little, but it seems that there may not be any time.

Probably not. I'd be too busy with my real child. They require way more attention! :) But Hayley will be kept safe.

When I Finally get my real child. I probly wouldn't pay as much attention to Shy as I would have without the baby. Real babies are so much "Needier" then the BTIO or neonates. =0) I would start taking care of Shy after the real baby is old enough to sleep though night and/or gets to old to be babied by his/her mommy and daddy ;) holding and he/she gets more independant which is more in the age three stage.

Hmm its hard to say..As much as I'd still love to care for my dolls I'll probably have to put them up because my real child will need most of my time....but I'd be sure to put them up really high so that when my real child starts to crawl they won't be able to get a hold of my babies and damage them..thats one thing I am worried about when I have a real child..I have so many dolls and most of them are porcelain. I don't want my child to damage them or to get hurt if they should break one...I suppose I'll figure it out..maybe I'll have a special room for the dollies and keep the door closed so my child can't get in there until they are older and can understand that these dollies are not for playing with...anyways have a great night everyone.

If there's time I definitely will, but I doubt there will be. When they get older and I miss having babies I'll probably care for them again. My dolls are "substitutes" for the real thing=)

Totally! It's just like having 2 kids!