Question of the Week #26

When you take your baby out do you go out alone or with someone else?


I've taken Hayley out twice by myself. But all the other times I was with Denise because when I went with Denise my mother didn't get on my case about it. If I was to walk out the door with Hayley right this second my mom would have a fit.

Both, because I had one of my dolls with me when I picked up Karina at the train station, when she visited me. It was my first time. I was both nervous and it was funny too. I had a bus driver that almost drove of the way....

i do both. i'm really lucky that the friends i go out with finds it perfectly alright for me to take my babies with me, and sometimes they more or less fight over who should push the stroller and such *LOL*, oh yes i have very supportive friends. one of my friends even brought me a little picture book to place in the head end of the stroller, so my baby could look at it when he was awake and was bored... now THAT is friendship and acceptance...

even my mum has been walking side by side with me on one occasion... i have yet to challenge her to come downtown shopping with me though . i wonder if she's be up to that... *LOL*

I take Shy everywhere with me. :) I usually just take her out alone with me. Today we went with my friend to the Amish grocery store and out to another grocery store with her. Everyone loved her. :)

So usually it is just by myself or my mom and I. But sometimes i am with friends....

Sometimes I take Ivy with me by myself. Never with my mom. but I like the Ivy and me Time :)

Ok now my answer to this question...most of the time since its my mom and I that go out is usually the two of us that take out the babies....Oh BTW did i share my Emily stories..if not I'll share again if so I'm sorry but I want to share again...a few weeks ago my mom was dropping me off for a job fair and she forgot Emily was in the car...a security guard came running up to her and was in a panic because she left the baby in the mom told him she was a doll and she had to take her out of the car so he could see....then when I was bringing Emily back with me my mom's next door neighbour saw me with Emily and asked me when I had a baby...I said a few weeks ago..and I also told him that she was a doll..well he didn't believe me until I took her over and he touched her...LOL..Now I've already had a talk with Emily about tricking people...LOL..but she just lays there sleeping..LOL..

I've taken my baby Emma out once. And that was by the Boden sea in Germany and there weren't any people around. I brought her in a backpack and took her out at the dock to take a picture. That's the only time any of my babies have been out in fresh air outside our property. Exept for road trips that is. And I don't have anyone to take them out with because none of my friends know about my babies...Only my parents and my sister do. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a chicken=)'