Question of the Week #27

Is there a doll you really want and do not have? If so, what is it?


I want a real care btio and a reborn berenger. I hope to get them one day.

LOL of course there is for me LOL...I always want more dolls..but seriously the dolls that I want so badly right now that I don't have are loving eyes Emily and jacob....I hope someone will buy my Cody and Gloria dolls so I can get these new dolls...the only reason Cody and Gloria are for sale is cause I have 2 of each....I'd rather get my money back from them and use it towards dolls I don't have.....I also really want the other playpal dolls that Ashton Drake has..but first I want the babies...

A Neonate.
I Love Ivy With All My Heart... I Just think it'd be neat to have a Neonate as well

Deffinately the BTIO Real Care Baby! I want that more then anything in the world doll or other!

The doll I have always wanted was a Real Care BTIO. I wouldn't care about the race but I would like a girl though I would take a boy too. God bless you....

yes, Nikita in silicone by Eva Helland. she is absolutely adorable and so incredibly lifelike. she costs more than 1000 dollars so that is one i will never own. but one can always dream, right?

I want lots of reborn berenguers and a realcare btio. And the dolls in the Loving Emily series. And a OOAK. What can i say, I'm a baby doll addict=) But after I get my little Amelia home I will have to stop buying dolls for a long time. I don't have the money anyways, so...

yes, I would love to have a reborn Berenguer baby.