Question of the Week #28

What was your favorite childhood doll?


My Favorite ChildHood Doll?? Hmmmmmmmm... Well, When i was like 7 years old. "Santa" brought me two twins babies. I opened it and mom installed the batteries and they were SO Cool! They Laughed when they where together and cried when they were too far apart. Also if they were together laughing and you put a paci in one or the others mouth the one without a paci would cry. I Had so much fun with him. ONE time i was playing "House" like i always did with my dolls and of course i was the mother (Single) that had like 4 - 5 kids and I would set the twins up so they would be getting into trouble while laughing and as i would tend to the others i would hear them (Pretending i didn't know what they were doing) And clean them up and put them to bed... I had so much from with them. LoL.

My Cabbage Patch doll...Emily.

Hmm that’s a good question...My favorite childhood doll was Sharon..she is newborn real baby...I'd take her everywhere and I even got a carrier with the real baby logo on it for her.....I remember playing house and I'd play with a lot of my dolls all at once but Sharon was always included....People always made fun of me at school cause I always took Sharon with me...But I remember In grade 4...Sharon was famous she was baby Jesus into the school play...yay for me...then I remember for the baby sitters course we had to bring in a doll to learn how to diaper and and hold a baby etc..I took Sharon....and everyone loved her..then in high school I had to take a doll for drama class for some reason..and I took Sharon again.....and of couse all my classmates loved girl even tried to steal her on me...LOL....but she didn't get away with it cause I locked her up in my locker so no one would get her....aww the memories...And I still have Sharon to this day...I have cleaned her up and I found her original clothes minus her booties and I dressed her up and put her up on the shelf with my other dollies...maybe I'll take her pic one of these days..she is so cute...

My favorite childhood doll was "Oopsie Dasiy!" She would crawl around then fall and start crying. You picked her up to make her "feel better." She was my first doll and my favorite as a kid.

A doll called Skrållan. They doing it only here in Sweden.

My sister had a big, lifelike, GORGEOUS, cuddly baby doll from Zapf Creations and I LOVED her, but Kristi wasn't mine so maybe that doesn't count...=)
But on my ninth birthday I got a Baby Lou from Zapf Creations. I don't know anyone else who has a doll like that. They were only on the Norwegian market for like two years I think, probably because they were so expensive. MAN, did I nag to get her...=)
I named her Natalie, and she could cry and burp and coo. And she had a heartbeat. And she could also recognize me when I was wearing a heart-"jewelry" that she came with. So if she cried I could either give her her bottle or paci, or pick her up (if I was wearing the heart and had switched it on) and then she would start cooing. Very cute=)
She came with me everywhere from that day. I even took her to school once and everyone loved her! But I was a kid back then, so taking a baby doll to school was no biggy. I actually found her in a box when I was looking for something in the basement a few days ago. But her cute curly hair was all flat after lying in the box for some years. I think I'll take her up and wash and style her hair so you all can see my Natalie!

Tiny Tears doll