Question of the Week #29

What is your baby's favourite outfit?


Caitlyn's favorite is her Baby Gap hat, pink socks and the new pink velour outfit I got her at the half price sale, its so cute on her! Mikayla's favorite outfit is her Pooh sleeper, it's the bright orange one in the only picture I have posted of her.

My babies favorite outfits are the boys like their cow short suits and Emily loves her pink knitted outfit that she came to me in..and Sara loves her pink dress......

My Shy's Favorite Outfit is the one that her grandma crochet ALONG time ago. She loves how it feels on her and She also likes the one that she is wearing in her "celebrity" picture of the baby of the monthy photo found on the home page.

A blue sleeper. It has animals (these are dark blue outlines) all over it with a lion on the chest that is full color. His daddy bought him this one :) God bless!

Jayden- his blue one peice outfit with matching bucket hat, my grandma bought him it one day when her and I were at Children's Place Kenzie-her purple John Lennon outfit with the matching purple paci, Brian picked out the outfit Mersadiez-her yellow dress with the matching silk diaper cover, she pretty much loves dresses Skyler-his onzie that has little airplanes on it and teddy bears with matching blue pants
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