Question of the Week #30

Where do you keep your baby's things? (clothes, toys, etc.)


Well first off I use to have a drawer full of Cabbage Patch clothes. I put those away to clear out that drawer. Right now that has Hayley's summer clothes. Then I took the drawer that had all my PJs in it and hung my PJs up in my closet and I use that drawer for Hayley's sleepers, onesies, undershirts and socks.

Then I bought a Rubermaid bin to keep her winter clothes in and when it's time to use those her summer clothes will go in the bin and the winter clothes in the drawer where the summer clothes were.

Some people from the group have sent me very nice brand new dresses so as not to wrinkle them I have them hanging in my closet. Then I have these little rubbermaid drawers I use to store stuff in. Well I moved those things to other places or just plain got rid of them cause I didn't need them anymore and those drawers now hold Hayley's stuff. The top one holds her bibs, a burp cloth and her bottles. The next one has her towel, wash clothes, diapers, baby powder and lotion. The next one has her sweaters and bonnets. The last one has her shoes and booties.

I also have her spring/fall jacket hanging in my closet along with the nice sweatshirt/hoodie Nicole gave Hayley! :D Lastly, in the box Hayley came in I have a snugli and Hayley's snow suit and scarf and mittens.

Oh and her toys are around her bunk bed and some in the drawer with the clothes. And I keep her baby wipes in the closet as well as her diaper bag.

I used to get all her stuff in the Basket underneath her bassinet. But now that I have a dresser in my room Only her diapers go under the Bassinet and everything else goes in the dresser. Included Paci's and others.

I have a clear storage box by my bed that I keep Caleb's things in. There is also a larger one under it for the girl's things. I am getting so much stuff I will soon have to have a dresser or something. :)

I keep Kayden's diapers and socks in a drawer under his crib. I keep his clothes, shoes, diaper bag, and bottles/ paci in a purple mesh basket under my bed.

I keep all my babies stuff in a rubber maid box in my closet...and some in a dresser at my moms....I wish I had room here for another dresser for the babies...oh well maybe someday...

the clothes i keep in a big drawer, sorted in sizes, the toys i have placed in the hands of the babies on display. the pram/stroller/carriage is placed in the basement where i can easily access it and the cribs are in the bedroom. baby oil and powder is in the kitchen in a cupboard along with unused pacifiers, the bottles and nipples are there too. hmm...what more do i have? oh yes, then i have some 40-50 year old bottles on display in a glass cupboard... the babies' jackets are hanging on a low clothes rack in my entrance hall, their shoes are next to mine in the hall. the diapers are in the bathroom...and... i think that's it... so basically my flat is "decorated" as if my babies were real ...

My Kids have their own closet. I have most of their clothes hung up and the other stuff I have in a little plastic dresser. Their toys are in the Tent that has their bed also. I also have a storage tub with other ods and ends.
Nicole and Family

As Of Right Now..My Babies Stuff..Is ALL Over My Room..But As Soon As I Type This Message..And Get Tre Dressed.. I Am Packing All The Summer Clothes Up..And Putting All The Warmer Stuff Into Their Dresser...Their Toys... Are In The Little Changing Table My Boyfriend Made..The Few Diapers I Have *thanks Tam:)* Are In Their Dresser..Shoes...Everywhere Right Now..But Soon.. I Am Picking Everything Up And Puttin It Where they Belong.. My Bf Is Gonna Be AMAZED :)

I keep my babies clothes in a clear sterlite storage container in my room.

I keep all my babies things in diaper bags in the corner of my front room! I have no place to put there stuff! Even the carseat is in the corner. Except tony won't let me use the carseat for my dolls. Sometimes I do display my babies one at a time in it though! But my babies spend most of their time on the couch or the loveseat! My poor babies!