Question of the Week #31

About how many hours a day do you get to spend with your baby?


Every night...They are in my bedroom and I have two of them in my bed.

Well I try to spend as much time as I can with my babies. Usually when I come home from work I get the babies and bring them down to watch TV or do computer stuff with me. One baby sits with me and the others sit beside me. My fiance thinks it's weird but he says well whatever I need to do to help myself calm down after work.

On week days I get about an hour a day if I am lucky. On weekends it is a little more.

Until I get a job again I am with Shy 24/7. When I get a Full Time Job then she will have to be with her grandma 40 hours a week. :(

Around 19-20 hours out of the 24 that a day consists of. I work from home and my Josefine is always next to me. I take her with me in her stroller if I go out shopping or out on excursions with my friends etc. Then in the late afternoon I spend time visiting my mum, walking her dogs, and basically spend some hours with her - 4-5 hours most evenings, and usually I don't bring Josefine. Sometimes I do though but my mum smokes and I don't want my baby to smell of that, that's why I usually don't bring her.
So I really get to spend a lot of time with my baby, and I love it.


During the week, about 3 to 4 hrs, weekends, especially Sundays, mostly all day.

I am here with Kayden all day long. Now that I am home schooled it is easier to be with him.