Question of the Week #33

Which do you prefer out of Neonates, Reborn Berenguers or BTIO's? And why?


This is a tough question. I have it narrowed down to two; Neonates or BTIO. I have all three.
Well...Hmmmm...Maybe...ahhhhh...I'd....ummmm...say that BTIO is my favorite. That's probably because I have the best of all worlds with Jayden. He's partaly reborn and has eyelashes and eyebrows like a Neonate. Plus he's on a real infant schedual.
Nicole and Family

I like them all. There hasn't been a baby I didn't really like.

Well I really don't know what I prefer cause all I have are the weighted traditional neonates...but I think I like the traditional neonates best because they are so real looking and I don't really need to care for them. My life gets so busy sometimes traditional neonates are best for me. Plus I like the fact that neonates and BTIOs come in different skin tones and their features are true to whatever race they are...and it's not like they are the same doll just made in many different skin tones.

I prefer re-born berenguers, because I have never yet had the chance to experience neither a BTIO or a Neonate in person. But who knows, if I ever get the chance, my priority might chance. who knows.

I have never had any of those except Kayden (neonate). I love the ways reborns look though. They have a quality about them that is unlike anything else.

I would love to have a BTIO because it would be more like a real baby's schedule. I love my electronic neonate, but she is so "predictable" in what order she does things it isn't very realistic but it is cute when she coughs or hiccups. So my first preference would be a BTIO but I love my neonates a lot.