Question of the Week #35

Do you like porceline dolls or do you just stick to lifelike baby dolls?


I have three porceline dolls but I don't find them amusing. They just sit there and look pretty. I don't see the point in them. I got them all as gifts because my mom and family think they are worth something and good collectibles. I much prefer baby dolls that you can cuddle.

What a great question..well my answer is I like all kinds of dolls...most of my dolls are porcelain because up til a few years ago I belived my mom that porcelain dolls were worth more money and I wanted to please my mom so I bought porcelain i never did care about the monetary value of a doll and I have always liked realistic baby dolls..then we got the internet and i saw other people's pics of their life like baby dolls and they were mostly vinyl and they looked more realistic now with vinyl dolls I could have more fun dressing them cause they are not so delicate.....well I love my porcelain dolls but my vinyl realistic baby dolls such as my neonates are my favorite...well thats my opinion....I can't wait to read every one else's answers...

Some porcelain dolls are really nice and I have a few myself. but I don't collect them as such. I definitely prefer vinyl lifelike baby dolls

Some of the porceline dolls are beautiful but I myself prefer to collect lifelike baby dolls.

I always chose lifelike dolls over porceline because my love for dolls is really a love for babies, its not that i just love collecting dolls. So I prefer lifelike.

Porceline dolls are fine with me but I don't want them just to have them. My grandma used to buy them for me every year and I have only really liked 2 of them. One is a little girl with Black curls that looks like me when I was like 3 and the other is an Irish Fairy. That is always sitting on my shelf. ALL the others are stuffed in boxes and are out in the barn at home. (I am still at Dan's)

I have some porceline dolls, but life like babies are my favorite. I have more of them and they don't just stand there and look pretty.