Question of the Week #38

If you were given the freedom and had the ability and the money to take your babies any place in the world, where would it be?


Disney World hands down!

I would go on an all around world trip!!! YES that is what I would do. See everything every place in the world. And if I had the money I would love to give one child in each and every state or country a neonates baby or btio! Oh I would love to see their faces. That is what I would do!

I would take Brian, myself, and the kids to either Germany or England...I really want to go to England but Brian wants to go to Germany...Skyler has aready been to Texas.

love Tammy's idea...maybe her and I can travel all around making sure that every child and baby doll collector has a neonate and or a tammy if you and I ever win the lottery...we'll go travelling..also maybe we can start up the neonates company again....this way we'll be sure to have enough neonates for everyone LOL...


I would go to Disneyworld. I have been, but would love to take the babies.

Oooh yes Disney World..I have never been but I want to go so badly...I want to meet Mickey and Minnie and see the parade and buy a great big Mickey mouse doll....and and and LOL.....I wanna go to Disney world......and I wanna take you and all your babies with if I could just get that darn money tree to grow we'd be all set..LOL