Question of the Week #4

What tips do you have for finding clothes that fit just right?


Krystle, I measured my little guy (torso, girth, inseam, arms, and head) and I keep the notations and a tape measurer in my purse.

Hey I do that too! :) And one time I brought a sleeper that fits just right along with me to hold up to other clothes. Hayley does have one sleeper and one shirt that is 6 months. They are a tad baggy but they are ok. I had tried the shirt in a size 3 months but the neck was a bit too tight on her so 6 months is just right for that shirt.
But I find 0-3 months fits best.
I also just recently bought a preemie-sized sleeper that fits perfectly. :)

With both of my boys I find that 0-3 months fits the best. Brian bought Skyler some OshKosh overalls. Even the 0-3 months are a bit big, so I cross the straps in the back to fit better. For bibs I found that OshKosh fits the best for overalls. The other ones I have seem to be a little too bid. I also have two pairs of jeans for the boys. They are both 0-3 months. To me 3-6 months just look too big. Some preemie clothes fit well also. It just depends. It also depends on what kind of doll you have. Jayden seems to be longer and fatter than Skyler. Either way I love them both.